SlideShare: Presentation Trends For Ad Agency New Business

slideshare for ad agency new business

The Biggest and Best Uses of SlideShare for Ad Agency New Business.

Here’s a brief synopsis if you are unfamiliar with SlideShare. Launched in October of 2006, it is a slide hosting service, often called the “YouTube of presentations”. SlideShare claims to be the world’s largest professional content sharing community.

Ranked as one of the top 150 sites on the Web, SlideShare has more than 60 million visitors and 3 billion slide-views a month. The traffic comes from organic search, social networks and other SlideShare content.

SlideShare is an invaluable promotional tool for your agency and  provides many creative ways for businesses and agencies to use it in their new business strategy. Here are just a few:

  • You can easily embed presentations in other social media sites, such as your agency’s Facebook Fan Page or  you can add a SlideShare presentation to your agency’s website or blog. This is a great way to increase your site’s traffic.
  • Social share buttons allow your SlideShare presentations to become viral.
  •  A track-back feature allows you to monitor how many people have viewed each presentation.
  • You can engage viewers through the comments they add once a presentation has been published. Comments also allow you to revise and improve the presentation.
  • You can leverage SlideShare to gain rank in search engines.
  • Use SlideShare to let people know more about your agency. Create a presentation that tells your agency’s story.
  • Visualize some of your best articles and posts using SlideShare.

SlideShare also collects a wealth of data that is helpful information on current presentation trends and best practices. SlideShare’s The Optimal Presentation is derived from data on thousands of presentations hosted on its site. It includes these 3 key insights:

  • Keep presentations short and sweet. The average number of slides per presentation is 19.
  • Be visual. The average number of pictures per presentation is 19.
  • Get to the point. The average number of words per slide is 24.

Annually, SlideShare analyzes metrics from the previous year and shares a summary in a presentation they call Zeitgeist 2011. This report also  highlights the Top 10 Most Popular Business Presentations. This is helpful information to stay up to speed on what’s happening in the world of presentations.

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  1. Yes! I agree with the writer that the quality of a business presentation depends a lot on the way it is developed. This post will definitely help many corporate professionals who want to develop sophisticated, informative, and interesting business presentation. True! Without knowing who all are your target audiences, it is difficult to prepare presentation slides. Selection of topics, and putting information in the most effective way contribute a lot in developing impressive business presentations. Effective online business presentations also help in improving SEO rankings for websites. Yes, we can always use visuals to make presentations interesting, and exciting!

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