Ad Agencies Need More Content for New Business

All ad agencies need more content as part of their promotional strategy to create and keep a relevant and positive engagement with their best prospects 24/7.

Coca Cola has always been at the forefront of innovation. The company recently announced they were committing to a different marketing strategy that no longer relied on traditional advertising to build their business. Coke will be the first major brand to place a major emphasis on content marketing.

In the videos below, Jonathan Mildenhall, Vice-President, Global Advertising Strategy and Creative Excellence at The Coca-Cola Company is the person leading the global strategy for the Company’s portfolio of global brands. In these two videos called Content 2020, he explains Coke’s new content marketing strategy.

I would urge you to take the time to not only watch these two videos but digest them. Many advertising agencies and companies have yet realized the power of content marketing for their own business. I hope these videos will help give you a better understanding of the importance and potential to drive new business opportunities for ad agencies, PR firms and digital shops.


 Chapter 7 describes Coca-Cola’s 70/20/10 plan for content distribution and creation which I think you will find helpful:

  • 70% of content – low risk “bread & butter” content . 50% of time investment. Low risk content will require less time resources to create.
  • 20% of content –  innovate off what works to a more specific audience.
  • 10% of content – high risk content, brand new ideas

Here’s the outline for Coca Cola Content 2020:

Chapter 1: How does content excellence approach “liquid and linked content development”?

Chapter 2: The Case for Change – On demand culture

Chapter 3: The Evolution of Storytelling

Chapter 4: Baking Live Positively Into Our Storytelling Plans – a huge creative opportunity

Chapter 5: From Insights To Provocations, The Big Fat Fertile Creative Brief

Chapter 6: Developing Liquid Content – the creation of stories that are expressed through every possible connection. Different processes but the same principles

Chapter 7: Applying the 70/20/10 Investment Principles for Liquid Content

My Story

Since 2007, my new business consultancy for small to midsize ad agencies was built through content marketing

I worked in new business development almost my entire advertising career, but only at agencies in either Birmingham, Alabama or Nashville, Tennessee. There were very few agencies outside of these two states that even knew who I was. But through creating helpful content for my blog, Fuel Lines, I was able to quickly build awareness for my services from my home base in Alabaster, Alabama. One of my first agency clients was 2,058 miles away on the West Coast, in Costa Mesa, CA.

I’ve now worked with over 100 agencies in almost all 50 states,  as well as agencies in Canada and the UK. Plus I’ve been able to do generate these new business opportunities without having to rely on distributive outbound marketing tactics such as direct mail and cold calling.

What has worked for me will also work for your agency’s new business.

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