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Keeping up with mobile technology and how it impacts consumer behavior is important because it inevitably effects how ad agencies will be reaching prospects in the near future. 

“Most marketers are still struggling to figure out how to truly capitalize on the opportunities represented by long-form video and — more recently — social content. Now, a new imperative is clear, especially for those spending heavily on TV. Content and experiences that move seamlessly from one screen to another are an absolute must.”  Jeremy Lockhorn, VP Emerging Media, Razorfish

Consumers’ use of emerging media driven by new technologies is moving at such a lightning pace that it’s difficult for agencies and the brands they represent to keep up. There is also the tendency for marketers to “over-focus” on things like television, mobile and social media as stand alone mediums rather than fully comprehending consumer behavior and creating a multiscreen strategy.

Emerging  media and new technology also impacts business development for ad agencies. There is a need to understand how prospects are using new technology such as mobile and web-enabled devices. Plus there is a paradigm shift in business development for agencies from outbound new business tactics to inbound marketing.  Agencies will need to be able to effectively reach prospective clients through a multiscreen new business strategy.

To better understand the impact of new technology and its rapidly evolving use of consumers here in the U.S., digital agency giant, Razorfish, partnered with Yahoo Mobile to conduct a study of mobile habits.

Here are some of the highlights from this study:

  • 80% of respondents are mobile multitasking while watching TV.
  • 70% of respondents who multitask do so at least once a week, with nearly half (49%) reporting everyday multitasking.
  • 60% check their phones at least “once or twice” during the course of a TV show, and 15% stay on the mobile Web for the full duration of the show.
  • The top 5 categories for multitasking: 1. Reality 2. News 3. Comedy 4. Sports 5. Food
  • 94% of multitaskers engage in some kind of mobile communication. In order — They are text, talking, email, social networking and IM.
  • 60% of multitaskers are accessing additional content of some type.
  • 44% is unrelated to what’s on TV versus only 38% related to TV.
  • Survey respondents were more likely to state that they frequently engaged in multitasking during TV ad breaks.
  • 36% of multitaskers use their connected devices for looking up information on a commercial they just saw.

Click on the following link to read Jeremy’s article and additional information regarding the Razorfish and Yahoo Mobile Study: “Forget Mobile – Think Multiscreen”

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  1. Well it is really important to catch up with the latest technology to be able to reach your consumers. It is evolving constantly and no time for you to slow down.

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