A 7 Step Guide to Successful Infographic Production for Ad Agency New Business

infographics for ad agency new business

An infographic can be a great way for small to midsize ad agencies to communicate their unique position in the marketplace. 

Infographics is derived from two words: ‘information’ and ‘graphics’, and stands for the graphical representation of data and information.

Why infographics for ad agency new business?

  • Visually create a positioning for your agency – “A picture is worth a thousand words.”
  • Gain a positioning of expertise within a particular industry or discipline.
  • If you include an  “embed code” for your infographic, it can help your agency’s website or blog site gain rankings for a particular niche. l
  • Infographics are easily shared and become viral that will also increase online traffic and build awareness for your agency.

Voltier Digital agency located in Delray Beach, FL, is a content marketing agency that has been creating lots of buzz for themselves through the use of Infographics. One of their newest inforgraphics was recently highlighted in this Mashable article, Inbound Marketing vs. Outbound Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC] building a great deal of exposure for the agency.

“At Voltier Digital, we aim to stay on top of new inbound marketing tactics. Infographics have become super hot over the past 24 months and we are excited to share our experience and to give you a little direction on how to execute world-class infographics for your brand.”

Voltier Digital shares some helpful tips on how to create your own infographic in 7 simple steps: 

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  1. I love that the 7 steps to creating an infographic are done in an infographic format. I think that an advertising agency that can add this as part of their repertoire is going to be effective. It’s more visually appealing to see words with graphics, and I assume most of the world is that way. I am more apt to read things that look nice, which is why they can be so effective in online advertising.

  2. Excellent content. If an ad agency is using it, then I need to implement it.

  3. The concept of an infographic is fine, but too often the execution is amateurish and little more than a compilation of “chart junk.” That term is from Edward Tufte, the godfather of serious information design. Anyone doing infographics should get familiar with his work and follow his guidance.

  4. Really, a graph with percentages on the production process? I agree with David, the concept is fine, but it should help make a complex idea simpler, not the other way around. The more you add, the more likely it is that you’re going to lose your audience.

  5. David, Randy, thanks for the additional insights. I do like the concept of using infographics that will build awareness for an agency. Of course it needs to create a positive awareness!

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