The Single Most Important Twitter Tool for Ad Agency New Business

TweetAdder Twitter prospects new business

TweetAdder is one of the most important tools you can use to build a targeted following on Twitter. 

There are hundreds of 3rd party tools for Twitter, but one stands out above the rest as the most productive for using Twitter for new business.

You don’t want followers just to have followers. Inbound lead generation will only happen if the bulk of your followers are your agency’s best prospects.

TweetAdder is a software program that charges a one-time fee to download and use this tool to build a Twitter database of people to follow.

The program allows you to search by profile data, such as searching for  a companies CMOs. Anyone with that title in their Twitter profile you can add to your database of people to follow.

Another important feature of TweetAdder allows you to follow everyone that follows a particular Twitter account. For example, you can follow everyone that follows the AdAge’s Twitter account and also follow everyone that AdAge follows.

It would be best to find and follow the Twitter accounts that have an appeal primarily to your target audience such as a Twitter account for an association or tradeshow. You will get more people to follow that are your true targets.

Here’s an example: The Littlefield agency in Tulsa, Oklahoma, has Casino marketers as a primary target audience. They wouldn’t want to follow everyone that follows the Isle of Capris Casinos, the better choice would be to follow everyone that follows the American Gaming Association’s Twitter account and all those that the American Gaming follows.

Another great benefit for using TweetAdder is you can follow all who follow your competition’s Twitter account and everyone your competitor follows.

TweetAdder also has filters to help eliminate Twitter accounts that are least likely to be true prospects, such as those which have no profile photo. No profile photo is an indication that a Twitter account isn’t very active.

TweetAdder also allows you to automatically Follow, Unfollow and Followback Twitter accounts.  Doing this manually requires a great amount of time. TweetAdder simplifies these processes.

Once it is set-up, TweetAdder is easy to maintain. All you need to do is open the program each day and let it run in the background on the computer. To add additional prospectives to your database, when it runs low, is easily done.

This program is very simple to use, an intern or a college student could be trained to use it.  This task could also be added to the responsibilities of your agency’s receptionist and would require mere minutes of time each day.

Click on the following link to review TweetAdder with a Free Trial Demo

Additional Twitter tools that I recommend for your review:

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  1. TweetAdder can also get your Twitter account blacklisted. The rules of Twitter specifically state not to use 3rd-party software and that aggressive following and un-following can cause your account to be terminated. Why would you risk your following, or your client’s following, you’ve worked so hard to build up?
    Why not just publish and/or link to good content and grow organically?

  2. Thanks Larry. I’ve used it for my account and helped with over 80 other Twitter accounts for 3 years without a problem. We haven’t had a problem because we aren’t breaking Twitter’s rules. TweetAdder also wants to be in compliance so that they won’t get shut down. You build a large database of prospects to follow but Twitter only allows you to follow 200 accounts per day. So it isn’t overly aggressive following but it is consistently following from your TweetAdder database, up to the Twitter mandated max of 200 accounts per day. TweetAdder simplifies the process.

  3. I’m with Larry. Get followers the proper way—earn them. I’d much prefer to gain followers via RTs and replies than by auto-following people. That’s the same old school thinking as purchasing email lists and thinking you’ve got a loyal following.

  4. The proper way? Who cares who initiates the follow. To think that you have to wait for someone to follow you takes me back to the early adopters unwritten rules for using Twitter for business.

  5. Does the demo allow me to actually do anything, or is it just an example… can I plug in my target association, and see example results, for instance? Demo work on Mac and PC?

  6. MP the demo allows you to utilize as you would with the purchased software and it works with both Mac and PC.

  7. I’m with Larry…. but I’d actually go even a bit further. Twitter is not worth your investing your time in. It’s the ultimate spam tool, and unless you are willing to have personal interactions, nobody really cares about what you have to say (unless you are a celebrity, and I don’t know why people care about celebrities…).

    Social media has to be social. Not just “I tweet, you listen, you buy my product.” But rather “I tweet at you, you tweet at me, we are bff’s.” So unless you want to be on Twitter 24/7 to get maybe a small amount of actually meaningful interaction, just jump ship.

  8. Michael Gass says:

    Mike, You should be able to use it similar to the paid version to plug in your target association.

  9. Michael Gass says:

    Who cares who follows who first. That makes no sense. If I were to follow you, you still will need to decide whether or not to follow back. A tool like TweetAdder can help your target audience to know you exist. But you still have to be sharing the kind of content that your audience values or they wont choose to follow or they’ll opt out after just short period of time.

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