A Tribute to Trey Pennington Through His Own Words

“Just like most of an iceberg is hidden, so a human being’s backstory is out-of sight.” Trey Pennington

Trey left an indelible impression upon my life and the lives of thousands of others. I know he will continue to be an inspiration beyond his untimely death.

I was moved watching this tribute to Trey video created by Ben Cope, founder and president of Epic Web Strategies, a full-service web design firm and wanted to share it with the readers of Fuel Lines.

Here are some of Trey’s quotes that are included in this video:

“”What I admire most about my 6 children – every one of them looks out for the rest. They are immensely sweet people.”

“Why I do what I do (and why I need to do a whole lot MORE of what I do!).”

“What drives me is a philosophical world view:

  1. Everyone wants to be heard
  2. Everyone wants to be understood
  3. Everyone wants his or her life to count”

“It’s fun to encourage others and help inspire them to boldly make a difference with their treasure.”

“We cannot solve our problems or seize  upon our opportunities with the same way of being we enjoyed last year”

“There is a certain level of grieving when we know that our expression of ‘I love you’ falls on deaf ears. That hurts at the soul level.”

“Storytelling captures the essence of what it means to be human”

“One day, it was probably around 11 o’clock at night, I was sitting at my computer and my 13-year-old daughter came in and she said, ‘How are you doing daddy?’ I said, ‘Well, okay,’ and I was looking at my to-do list and I said to her, ‘I wish I had a couple of more hours on this thing.’ And she, with great enthusiasm and zest said, ‘Yep, that’s why God gives us a whole new day tomorrow.’

“These are still scary times. You’ve been through them before. Opportunities are ahead. Focus on that one thing in the present and take action on that today. You’ll make it through.”

Additional Tributes to Trey:

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  1. Well done Michael.

  2. Mark, thanks so much for your post and sharing your insights. They were very helpful to me personally and I’m sure a help to many others who were trying to make sense of this tragedy.

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