Cause Branding: It is Now B-2-WE for Ad Agency New Business

WE -habilitating Capitalism – How valuable your agency will Be to ME no longer depends on b2c or b2b but on b2we

Simon Mainwaring is founder of We First, a social branding consulting firm that helps companies use social media to build communities, profits and positive social impact. A highly recognized creative director, he has worked at many of the world’s top creative advertising agencies in Asia, Europe and the U.S. including Wieden & Kennedy, Portland, on Nike and as Worldwide Creative Director for Motorola at Ogilvy, Los Angeles.

Simon’s first book, entitled We First, presents a new vision for business. An answer to Bill Gate’s “Creative Capitalism” challenge,  a practical and actionable plan for how brands and consumers use social media to create a partnership that provides sustained prosperity for business and our world.

Ad agencies could learn much from Simon’s approach where clients are expecting their agency partners … to contribute to the social good, where the future of profit is purpose and agencies that thrive … will be will be those that put the well-being of their brand community and the world at large first.

Enjoy the We First video, how brands and consumers use social media to build communities, profits and positive impact. WE-defining Me written and performed by Sekou Andrews ( Design and animation by Troika ( Original music and sound design by Machine Head (

Edelman Goodpurpose Survey measures consumer attitudes about corporate responsibility. The survey was conducted in 13 countries among more than 7,000 adults. It is the only global study of its kind. Here are some highlights from that report:

  • 71% believe “brands and consumers could do more to support good causes by working together”
  • 65% say they “have more trust in a brand that is ethically and socially responsible.”
  • 73% agree government and business need to work together more closely to ensure the environment is protected
  • 62% would “help a brand to promote their products or services if there is a good cause behind them. (compared to 53% in 2008 and 59% in 2009)
  • 62% of global consumers “would switch brands if a different brand of similar quality supported a good cause”
  • 64% believe it is no longer enough for corporations to give money; they must integrate good causes into their everyday business
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  1. Great find. The video is moving and it’s exactly the direction we need to be moving. When clients ask me about why social media is relevant to their product I always end up relating it back to their core purpose.

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