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A Top 20 List of Ad Agency New Business Articles for 2011

Information regarding new business and social media continues to be the top interests of advertising agencies.

There were over 100,000+ page views for FUEL LINES in the first few months of the year. As signs of economic recovery are on the horizon small to midsize ad agencies, digital agencies and PR firms are even more focused on new business. Because many agencies were late to get on board the social media wagon, they are also searching for social media resources that will help them get up to speed quickly.… Continue reading

Roper Study: 9 in 10 CMOs See Value in Content Marketing

content marketing for ad agency new business

To create new business opportunities for your agency through social media, content is critical.

“… marketers will need to rethink their approach to advertising and marketing and intensify their focus on creating magnetic content that will naturally attract consumers, rather than relying solely on the interruption model of advertising, which consumers are responding to less and less. Think pull vs. push.”  Geoff Ramsey, CEO, Co-Founder of eMarketer.

Research from Roper GFK and presented by the Custom Content Council highlights the point that content should be a significant part of a marketer’s mix.Continue reading

16 Signs That Social Media Isn’t Working for Ad Agency New Business

sixteen signs social media isn't working

If your agency’s social media participation isn’t generating traffic and new business leads, it is important to know why. 

How can an agency help a client monetize their social media when it doesn’t have a handle on how to use it for itself? As more-and-more agencies jump on the social media band-wagon, clients are beginning to ask them,“what has social media done for you?”

Gone are the days when an agency can get by “talking the talk without walking the walk.” Clients will be able to easily discern between the agencies that truly get social media from the ones that don’t with just a few clicks of their mouse.… Continue reading

101 Insights from the 2011 Mirren New Business Conference

The reader’s digest version of the top insights from the largest agency new business conference of the year.

The 2011 Mirren New Business Conference was recently held in NYC. With over 400 advertising agencies represented, this is the premiere event of the year for agency new business. Over 400 agencies were represented for this 3 day event that included 30 sessions.

Wish you could have been there? I thought the next best thing for those who missed it would be sharing some of insights gleaned from the attendees who were Twittering live from  the conference using the Twitter hashtag #MIRREN, sharing some of the best-of-the best information.… Continue reading

Ad Agencies: Three Things a New Business Director Needs for Success

three things agency new business directors need

A significant paradigm shift has taken place that impacts how ad agencies acquire new business that effects the knowledge and skills new business directors need to make it happen.

With over 50% of client relationships lasting less than two years and the average CMO’s tenure is 27 months, the role of those charged with agency new business  is more important than ever.

Heather Witalisz, Training Director for Mirren Business Development, recently asked me, “What are the top three things a New Business Director must do to be successful?” As I reflected back on my answer I thought this would be a helpful topic for an article.… Continue reading

Why Ad Agencies Should Stop Obsessing Over Their Competitors

“You cannot discover new oceans unless you have the courage to step away from the shore” – Nobel Prize-winning author André Gide.

I recently read an insightful article on why the focus of a company’s (agency’s) business strategy should not be upon its competitors. The article was written by Gabor George Burt, internationally recognized expert on innovation, creativity and strategy development and the author of  the book, Slingshot.

Burt states, “In today’s marketplace, I would argue that doing something unprecedented is not just adventurous but imperative … eliminating competition by trying to beat it is dangerously shortsighted.”

Small to midsize ad agencies, for the most part, have been asleep at the wheel while our industry has been totally reshaped by The Great Recession, the transition from traditional marketing to digital and the rapid emergence of social media.… Continue reading

The Future of Ad Agency Promotion at Events Through Social Media


Social media can enhance your special event experience and make networking for new business easier.

Without a doubt an industry trade show or conference has been a beneficial professional networking event for business opportunities. Social media has transformed these events and taken them to a new level.

“I think social media is changing the nature of interaction surrounding conventions,” said Steven Paganelli, vice president of business development-DMOs/CVBs for the Washington, D.C.-based, TIG Global. “Certainly, the opportunity to connect on a higher, more meaningful level face-to-face has always been at the heart of meetings and conventions, but social media tools and new technologies are making it easier for delegates to move beyond their comfort zone to meet new contacts, share ideas and engage in these events in deeper ways.”

In an American Express OPEN Forum article, Scott Belsky, Founder and CEO of  Behance, shares insights from his 4-day experience at this year’s South By Southwest Interactive Conference.… Continue reading