Social Media: The Shoe Firm, the Celebrity and the Ad Agency

iCrossing helped SKECHERS use social to become a more connected brand — in this case through a partnership with celebrity Kim Kardashian.

This is a guest post written by David Deal who currently serves as VP,Marketing for iCrossing, a global digital marketing agency. I first met David when he was charged with business development for Razorfish. He was an early adopter of social media and is a skilled and creative digital marketer plus an all around nice guy.

SKECHERS has partnered with the socially savvy celebrity to encourage everyone to break up with our bad habits and get into shape (a campaign launched via a Super Bowl spot in which Kim breaks up with her trainer because she can do a better job with her own SKECHERS Shape-ups).

To continue promoting the idea of keeping in shape with SKECHERS, iCrossing developed a campaign reaching multiple touch points including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the SKECHERS website. The cross-platform approach helps SKECHERS share valuable content and keep its brand visible in an engaging way with new and current customers.

Using a feature called in-stream apps, friends of the SKECHERS Facebook page can watch the Super Bowl ad and take a poll to vote on a bad habit they would like to break, such as junk food. And you can get immediate results from all other participants in a single post.

All this functionality occurs within your Facebook news feed, where we spend most of our Facebook time, whereas typically the content would live in an engagement ad or a separate tab. (You can also drop bad habits on Twitter by using #BreakingUpWith.)

The SKECHERS page also offers exclusive promotions for Facebook fans to receive discounts from SKECHERS products on its website and a useful Fitness Shoe Finder (that helps you match the right fitness shoe for you), among other features.

SKECHERS has seen a 300% increase in its Facebook fan count since the campaign launched three weeks ago (compared to the prior three weeks leading up to the campaign). And engagement with the in-stream app has doubled compared to the normal volume of posts. The campaign runs through March 6.

Meantime, to get iCrossing employees involved, I’ve blogged about the work on one of the iCrossing company blogs, Tweeted about it, and encouraged employees to do the same. They’re doing their part to support clients by doing some basic actions that employees often overlook unless encouraged. I’m having fun collaborating with our people to tell our story.

Follow David on Twitter: @davidjdeal

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