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5 Ways to Recycle Older Content for Ad Agency New Business

recylce older content for ad agency new business

Continue to generate a great return on your time investment, writing for your agency’s blog, by recycling older content.

As you write your posts, learn to write “ever-green” to give the content a long shelf life. I recently wrote a post, 50 of the Best Insights from Ad Age’s First Ever Small Agency Conference, the first ever small agency conference sponsored by Ad Age. Even though this was a one-day conference, I purposefully wrote the post in a way that would allow the content to be used for a much longer period of time.… Continue reading

Ad Agency Websites: An Important Tool for New Business

Research shows websites influence 97% of clients’ purchasing decisions.

Your agency’s website is your online brochure, the place to present credentials, capabilities and most importantly your agency’s creative work.  Not only is it the place prospects and clients go to learn more about your agency and its services, but it has a huge impact on their ultimate purchase decision.

For professional services firms, “74% of buyers report the service provider’s website holds at least “some influence” over their ultimate decision to buy services from the provider.” –

An agency’s website provides the opportunity for your prospective clients to look under-the-hood, kick the tires and check out the upholstery on their own timetable.… Continue reading

Ad Agencies: 5 Solutions for Hiring, Training and Retention

ad agency training

“The average Starbucks barista gets more training than the average communications employee.” Andrew Bennett

According to a recent 4A’s and Arnold Worldwide Survey:

90% of agency staff say they have to figure things out on their own due to the lack of training and 50% of talent in the marketing and communications industry feel undertrained and with no definable career path.

The survey found that agencies are losing employees because they see little career pathing, feel they’re learning on the job and find new employers that invest more in training.

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Media Survey: TV Retains its Power and is Enhanced by Social Media

TV continues to reign as the most influential advertising platform, and online ads are considered influential by less than half of Americans.

TV continues to be king.  Deloitte’s fifth edition “State of the Media Democracy” survey reveals that 71 percent of Americans still rate watching TV on any device among their favorite media activities. In addition, 86 percent of Americans stated that TV advertising still has the most impact on their buying decisions.

Phil Asmundson, Vice Chairman Deloitte LLP states that “Consumers are not only watching television, they are talking about it, and those conversations are frequently taking place in real-time online and via IM/texting.

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Create a Call to Action for Ad Agency New Business Through Social Media

call to action ad agency new business

A strong Call-to-Action is needed to convert your blog’s visitors into new business opportunities.

The most important key to converting your agency’s blog visitors into leads is to have a “call-to-action”. A strong call to action is a clear, simple and compelling offer that persuades your readers to take the action you want. Just having a “Contact Us” form on your blog site is not very appealing to your blog’s visitors. It doesn’t count as your call to action.… Continue reading

Report: Inbound Marketing Channels More Cost-Effective for Ad Agency New Business

When it comes to ad agency new business, blogs and social media can deliver inbound leads for less.

I often say, “people want to work with other people that they KNOW, TRUST and LIKE”. Social media is an efficient and affordable way to build new business relationships quickly.

According to research from inbound marketing solutions provider HubSpot, businesses dominated by inbound marketing have a 62% lower cost per lead than firms that do mostly outbound marketing.Continue reading

Study: Ad Agencies Not Doing a Good Job of Training or Retaining Employees

Ad agencies are doing a poor job of nurturing their employees and instilling a sense of loyalty to their shops and that’s bad news for new business.

According to a recent 4A’s and Arnold Worldwide Survey: Seven in 10 of those surveyed would return a call to a recruiter, three in 10 of the employee ranks will no longer work for that agency within a year, and nearly all believe there are few obstacles to finding a new job because of the improving economy.

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MAGNET Global Network for Ad Agency New Business

Ad agency networks provide a wide variety of  benefits plus be a boost for new business opportunities.

The MAGNET advertising network collectively bill more than $2.7 billion dollars and the organization’s 39 members are located in major markets across the United States and around the world including Tokyo, Hong Kong, Ireland, London, Dubai, Moscow, Munich and Paris.

“It is so exciting to work and assist these talented independent advertising agencies achieve their goal. In a matter of 24 hours, I can connect an agency in London with an agency in California, to Boise, Idaho to Houston, TX for collaboration and work on a specific project.

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10 Tips for Writing for the Web for Ad Agency New Business

To fuel ad agency new business through social media, creating content is critical.

According to a social media study by King Fish Media, HubSpot and Junta42, original content, both branded and expert, is by far the most employed tactic for social media.

And … “businesses (agencies) that blog, get 55% more website traffic than those that don’t.”

Creating valuable content increases website traffic that will equate into new business leads. But writing for web can be daunting, even for experienced copywriters.… Continue reading

The List for Ad Agency New Business

ad agency new business data base The List

To begin a successful agency new business program one of the first steps is to identify your best target audience and build a data base of company information that would include contacts.

The List is one of the better services that I’ve used when I was leading new business efforts for a number of agencies. They specialize in providing intelligence to  advertising, marketing, and creative agencies.

Ad agency new business directors spend lots of time locating and pre-qualify prospective clients for their agency.… Continue reading