Engage Prospects In Twitter for Ad Agency New Business

twitter for ad agency new business

How to engage Twitter with purpose and intention for agency new business.

I currently have over 100,000 Twitter followers of my two Twitter accounts @MichaelGass and @FuelLines.  Twitter is the leading traffic generator to my blog Fuel Lines. Out of 30,000 + monthly page views, Twitter easily delivers more than half of my blog’s traffic.

Twitter, like SEO, also delivers highly targeted traffic to my blog.  My tweets are specific to a clearly defined audience, ad agencies.

Here are the ways that I engage with Twitter to deliver highly targeted trafffic to my website:

1. Share Helpful Resources

I consistently share content from my blog via Twitter. Over 800 posts are circulated through Twitter. All specifically written for ad agencies, providing new business tips, trends and specific tactics. A repository of information to help make an agency’s new business program easier.

Here are a few examples of recent Tweets that link back to my blog’s content:

Few of those on Twitter are creating and sharing original content. You want to be the one whose content your followers are retweeting, sharing with their followers, exposing your content through their personal networks which creates awareness and a strong appeal.

People want to work with other people that they know, trust and like. Sharing resources through Twitter can keep top-of-mind awareness for your services.

I also share rich, helpful content that I find through my reading. I usually spend the mornings perusing through subscriptions to my RSS Reader. Content is gathered from a wide variety of online resources and placed into one location. This is a significant time saver. You wont have to be constantly using a search engine to find the right content.

Meers Advertising turns itself around by plugging into digital | Kansas City Business Journal http://bit.ly/eeKczE

Downloadable Report: B2B Blogging Trends featuring @johnsonnhalter @jaybaer http://bit.ly/emjPB0

When I come across a particularly good article that will benefit my audience, I often will use Hootesuite Pro to schedule a day/time to share it.  This way I can spread out the publication of helpful articles instead of Tweeting them all in my morning reading hour.

I share Retweets from others. I use some personal Twitter lists that I have created to help me keep up with Tweets from friends and other groups that I find helpful. When read something good, I’ll retweet it.

RT @TimWilliamsICG Ad Agencies: How and when do you make the decision to outsource? Here’s a friendly guide. http://ht.ly/3Q0kp

RT @marthabush B2C companies see a year-over-year market share growth when using analytics in lead gen efforts http://bit.ly/h2V2tt #b2c

As you can see, the biggest percentage of what I do with my Twitter account is sharing information with my audience.

2. Engage Prospects in Real Time 

Twitter is a real-time networking site. Answering questions, sharing a point-of-view,  re-connecting, collaboration, participating in conversation, etc. From these important tweets, lifelong professional and personal relationships have been forged.

Here are a few examples from just this morning:

TravisJLeone @michaelgass Do you have any specific case studies on social media leading to ad agency new business?#presentation4boss

EricWerner @michaelgass – Are there any events you’re planning to speak at in the Southeast this year? (Missed the one earlier this month)

@agencyside thanks for the RT. Look forward to seeing all of you at the Bolo Conference this year.
TonyCeresoli @michaelgass Hi Michael! Things are moving along pretty well, thanks for asking. How are things with you?

Note: Twitter isn’t the only place that I’m networking. I also use LinkedIn, Facebook and Google +, especially as relationships grow.

3. Provide Status Updates

I share status updates from workshops, conferences, seminars and other live events.

I’ve even reported on events that I wasn’t present at but was a listening participant, such as the Ad Age Small Agency Conference, I gathered information from attendees and was able to create this report: 50 of the Best Insights from Ad Age’s First Ever Small Agency Conference

This was the response from AdAge:

@adage And it’s not even over! RT @michaelgass 50 of the Best Insights from Ad Age’s First Small Agency Conf #smallagency http://bit.ly/bTZqhL

This formula is intended to provide you with an example, a place to get started. No doubt, the more you participate, you’ll create your own formula for using Twitter.

“Engage Twitter with purpose and intention, and new business success will follow!”

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