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Congratulations to the Square One agency. Their blog, ‘Sq 1’, was selected as Fuel Line’s Blog of the Year for 2010, by 46% of the 3,222 votes cast. Square One is a 15-year-old Dallas Marketing and Advertising agency.

Second in the voting was the agency blog,‘We Make It All Better’, Copeland Communications, Victoria, BC with 1,147 votes and ‘Jane Nation’,  St. John & Partners, Jacksonville, FL, came in third with 497 votes. A special thanks to all of Fuel Lines’s Blog of the Month winners for their participation.

“We are so excited to be Fuel Line’s Blog of the Year. We appreciate all of our support from our fans and followers. You guys rock! Thanks for voting.” – Judge Graham, Sq1 Partner

“Being selected as Blog of the Year means so much to our agency. We are so thankful to everyone who voted. We’re excited to see where our War Room blog can go in 2011.” – Ernie Capobianco, Sq1 Partner

Recent Sq1 blog posts:

“Social Media is the most fluid and influential form of media in the history of journalism. It took radio 38 years to reach 50 million users – Facebook did it in less than 6 months. Constantly evolving, the social media community has grown exponentially faster than newspaper, radio and television.”

Sq 1 is very involved in social media.  Follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Flickr.

Fuel Line’s Blog of the Year not only provides examples of agency blogs but it was an opportunity for agencies to showcase their participation in social media, generating interest and traffic to their site.

How is your agency using a blog for your new business? Submit it for January’s blog of the month. Send me an email and include:

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  1. dougbrowncreative says:

    Square 1 has a great blog and we (Copeland) are OK with losing out to such a solid agency. Somewhat. We hate losing.

    A minor quibble: they only managed 43% of the vote – and the last day was pretty hairy was so many votes coming in over the final few hours!

    Great competition Michael. We’ll be back.

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