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Sq1 Agency Top Ad Agency Blog of the Year


Congratulations to the Square One agency. Their blog, ‘Sq 1’, was selected as Fuel Line’s Blog of the Year for 2010, by 46% of the 3,222 votes cast. Square One is a 15-year-old Dallas Marketing and Advertising agency.

Second in the voting was the agency blog,‘We Make It All Better’, Copeland Communications, Victoria, BC with 1,147 votes and ‘Jane Nation’,  St. John & Partners, Jacksonville, FL, came in third with 497 votes.… Continue reading

Survey: Economy Improving, New Business is Up for Small to Midsize Ad Agencies

Having endured one of the harshest economic periods since the great depression, agencies are reporting that 2011 is off to a better start.

A total of 430 advertising agency executives participated in the 2010 Advertising Agency New Business Survey.

The survey was sent by e-mail to a database of over 10,093 U.S. full service advertising agencies ranging in staff size from 5 to 350 full-time employees. The survey closed end of day, December 31, 2010.  … Continue reading

Study: 50% of Ad Agencies Generate New Business Through Networks and Referrals

Most ad agencies are still generating new business the old-fashioned way, networks and referrals, but there’s a way to boost those personal networks nationally.

A soon to be released survey of advertising agencies conducted by Fuel Lines, reveals that 50% of the 430 responding agencies generated new business from two primary sources last year: referrals and networking.

Agencies have long understood the importance of social networks and individual connections to generate new business. It has always been the lifeblood of small to midsize agencies.  … Continue reading

The History and Evolution of Social Media for Ad Agency New Business

Michael Gass history of social media

A look back at the history of social media can help us better move forward as it continues to evolve and mature.

There are social media solutions for almost every need. These are exciting times for the advertising industry.  I enjoy every day of exploring the potential of social media to advance ad agency new business and share what I’m learning with you.

Social media, in an incredibly short period of time, has become mainstream. Millions of people connect through social media channels daily.  … Continue reading

Something for the 34% of Ad Agencies That Have No Blog


As important as it was for your ad agency to have a website, it is now equally important that your agency have a blog. A blog is becoming the gateway for agency new business.

Ad agencies need to rethink their approach to new business and intensify their focus for creating magnetic content that will attract prospective clients, rather than relying primarily on the interruption model of cold calls an unsolicited direct mail, which consumers are responding to less and less.

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Vote for Fuel Lines’s Ad Agency Blog of the Year

The following 12 ad agency blogs are all Fuel Lines’s Ad Agency Blogs of the Month for 2010. Please review and vote for your favorite as the Ad Agency Blog of the year.

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Find Prospects Using TweetAdder for Ad Agency New Business

A tool that will allow you to find and build Twitter followers that are new business prospects for your agency is TweetAdder.

TwitterAdder is a simple to use software program. This tool does a great job in allowing you to build a data base of highly targeted prospects for you to follow on Twitter.

Execute searches for people/companies to follow on Twitter:

  • By geographic location. Target companies, key executives within your particular market.
  • By profile data (i.e.
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Trends: Content Marketing Is Critical to Ad Agency New Business

social media survey new business

Content is the most important asset in using social media for ad agency new business.

In a RSW/US New Year Outlook Report, 77% of Agency Principals indicate that they plan on getting more aggressive on the agency new business front in 2011. “Networking” and “Social Media” are the top two ways agency principals state they’re going to “get aggressive.”

It’s great to know that agencies are planning to be more aggressive with their social media efforts.… Continue reading

Talk Is Cheap: Fuel Lines’s Ad Agency Blog of the Month for December

26 agency blogs were submitted for Fuel Line’s Ad Agency Blog of the Mont for December. The blog, Talk is Cheap, Strategis, Stoughton, MA was selected by 66% of the votes. Second in the voting was L&S Unscripted, Lawrence & Schiller, Sioux Falls, SD.

strategis, as our name implies, is a strategically based marketing communications company, one prepared to creatively tackle any challenge a client puts forth. if your company, organization or brand is in need of smart, results-driven, media neutral, inventive, smart (did we say that already) ideas – you should probably contact us.

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Big Ad Agencies Now Requiring the Development of Digital Skills

Small to mid-size ad agency owners and executives need to be better equipped with digital technology. It will not only impact agency business but also new business development.

I having a discussion with the creative director of a small agency who is in his early 50’s. He was expressing his frustration with changing digital technology and its impact upon his agency and the advertising industry.

He said,  “I have no problem creating a print ad but I don’t know where to even start to create an ad for something like the iPad.”

I asked him if he was ready to retire.

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