What do ad agencies, Pomplamoose and Hyundai have in common with social media?

Social media stuff allows for endless opportunities for individual, small groups, businesses and of course, my favorite agency new business. It levels the playing field.

Thanks to social media, Jack Conte and Nataly Dawn are hitting the big time  with their videosong Christmas ads for Hyundai. A remake of  “Up On the Housetop” very similar their quirky pop videos they’ve been creating on YouTube since 2008. After hearing to one of their commercials I was smitten and searched for more of their material.

The duo started making music together in the summer of ’08, and decided to form a band. Pomplamoose (which means grapefruit in French). The group, comprised solely of Jack and Nataly, have performed a grand total of two live shows ever. The pair has garnered their fame from YouTube and MySpace and perform all parts on every track.  They are as visually gifted as they are musically.

Check out another Pomplamoose song that has generated over 1 million hits on YouTube, Expiration Date

You can learn more about this duo through their social media sites and activities that I’ve collected for your convenience.

To fully enjoy Pomplamoose the best thing to do is scroll down these links, watch their videos, listen to their music and enjoy them yourself:

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