CNN Study: Commerciality of social media fast becoming apparent

CNN’s inaugural global research study (POWNAR) reveals important benefits for advertisements attached to news stories that are shared in social media.

“The commerciality of the social media space is fast becoming apparent and this study means that for the first time, we are able to substantiate the value of shared news from an advertising perspective” -Didier Mormesse, SVP, Ad Sales Research, Development & Audience Insight at CNN International

Here are a few of the interesting highlights of the study that should be of interest to ad agencies:

  • What content is being shared?
    • ‘Business’, ‘World’ and ‘Technology’ sections lead the way for “most shared” news stories while visual spectacle, science & technology and human interest top the list of themes.
    • The majority of stories being shared carry an underlying message of the “sharer” imparting knowledge.
    • 27% of all sharers* account for 87% of all news stories shared.
    • The average global user shares 13 stories per week and receives 26stories through shared social media links or emails.
  • Who is doing the sharing?
    • The global online survey showed that people who received news content from a friend or associate via social media, were 19% more likely to recommend the brand that advertised around that story to others and 27% more likely to favour that brand themselves.
  • Which platforms dominate?
    • 43% of news sharing comes from social media networks and tools e.g. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, MySpace
    • Email (30%)
    • SMS (15%)
    • IM (12%).

An understanding of how content is shared, the type of content and through what platforms can be used by agencies as a guideline for more effective creative campaigns.

To review a copy of the CNN press release for the study – Click Here

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