The Top 10 List of Articles for Fueling Ad Agency New Business Through Social Media

How to use social media as a channel for ad agency new business continues to be a hot topic with most agencies.

The articles below created the most appeal and traffic from readers for this past quarter.  Evidence that agencies still are very interested in social media and how to monetize it for themselves and for their clients.

Information that helps with agency presentations has also generated interest. An article on Steve Job’s presentation tactics led to 2,300 page views within an hour of being posted.

So, just in case you missed any, ranked in order of their appeal,  are the top 10 articles for fueling ad agency new business through social media:

  1. Steve Jobs: 10 Presentation Tactics for Ad Agency New Business
  2. Forbes: 20 Best-Ever Social Media Campaigns
  3. 50 of the Best Insights from Ad Age’s First Ever Small Agency Conference
  4. The Top 10 Social Media Questions Ad Agency Clients are Asking
  5. Top 10 Benefits of Social Media for Ad Agency New Business
  6. 5 Reasons Ad Agencies Continue to Have Problems Understanding Social Media
  7. Study: 60 percent of companies using social media have no plan
  8. The Four Great Laws of Copywriting for Ad Agency New Business
  9. Ad Agencies: 6 Quick Tips for Pricing and Servicing Social Media
  10. 10 Tips for Creating an Ad Agency Blog for New Business

Note: Popular articles/posts are usually of interest to your audience. This type of post is by far one of the easiest to write and typically will generate a lot of traffic to your agency’s blog site. Use you blog’s analytics to pull the top trending posts for the month, quarter or year.

This will provide you with an even greater return on the time investment in writing each post and help them to have a long shelf life.


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