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Recycling Older Posts and Articles for Ad Agency New Business

recycle older posts Michael Gass


Do you recycle?

Keeping older content alive can provide additional fuel your agency’s inbound lead generation program through social media. It also greatly enhances the return on your writing time investment.

Some of the most helpful tips on blog writing I have found online from resources as old as 1996. In a day when blog content that was published only a few months, it is often discounted as being old. If it is content that has been generated over six months it is considered ancient.… Continue reading

Has Your Agency Generated New Business Through Social Media?

Tried and true best practices and tips can accelerate your agency’s success with social media and keep it ahead of the competition.

Having a clear objective from the get-go is important. I would suggest that you use social media as a big part of your agency’s new business program. Social media can provide a sustainable, affordable and focused program for networking and lead generation and  also a great return on the time invested.

I recently received this note from an ad agency president that has differentiated his agency using social media,

“We just landed a significant project with Coca-Cola purely through our sustainable marketing niche.

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Don’t Cap Your Ad Agency’s New Business Pipeline


An ad agency’s new business pipeline isn’t something you can just turn on and off. It needs to continually flow, constantly generating leads.

While there are different approaches to successful agency new business development programs, they are made up of some common building blocks. The first secret to a new business program is getting started. The second secret is developing a new business program that your agency can consistently execute and sustain.

As you create a new business plan for your agency you should think in terms of “what is sustainable when our agency is at its busiest”.

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Is social media making many ad agencies look and act the same?

ad agencies the same


It’s time to un-level the playing field. To have success with social media, agencies need to fly a differentiated social media flag.

Small-to midsize advertising, digital, media and PR agencies tend to constantly promote how they are alike rather than how they are different from other agencies. They tend to look and sound just the same.

When agencies gave up fighting against the social media tide and decided to dive in, instead of using this new communications channel to showcase how they were different, they ended up just following the lead of others.… Continue reading

50 of the Best Insights from Ad Age’s First Ever Small Agency Conference

Bourbon Street Painting by Debra Hurd

Direct from New Orleans, some fresh ideas and insights for small-to midsize advertising agencies that are worthy of your review.

Ad Age recently conducted its first-ever Small Agency Conference in New Orleans. They brought together a great group of group of speakers that shared their expertise delivering rich nuggets of information from the importance of having a unique agency culture; how to attract the best talent in the marketplace; using creativity to boost the bottom line; to the nuts and bolts of new business and getting the win.… Continue reading

Ideas for Creating an Ad Agency New Business War Room


command center (often called a war room) is any place that is used to provide centralized command to determine the best course of action.

Every agency needs a “new business war room”, a place within your building that is organized for and focused on nothing but new business.

Usually the new business person is the “odd duck” of the agency. Why? No one else likes doing what they have to do, which is to sell the agency.  … Continue reading

Ad Agency Blog of the Month: Murdoch Marketing

Out of a a group of 53 ad agencies, Murdoch Marketing’s blog, We Think. We Can. Blog., was selected as Fuel Lines’s Blog of the Month for June capturing 40% of the votes casts. They are a 27 year old full service agency located in Holland, MI.

Why We Get Social

We Think. We Can. Social Media – Our clients know first hand how seriously We Do social media. Whether it’s managing multiple Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn accounts, blogging for our clients or creating viral videos, we know that at the end of the day only one thing matters – tangible results.

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7 Tips to Find Time for Ad Agency New Business

Your agency’s new business program must be sustainable at the times when your agency is at its busiest.

To often new business development is put on the back burner until existing business decreases and a downturn begins. That creates a roller coaster effect on your agency’s pipeline of prospects which impacts agency income and causes you to accept the wrong type of client, from the wrong pool of prospects who do not fit your agency’s strengths and core competencies.… Continue reading

Of these 53 ad agency blogs, which best understands social media?

Examples of ad agency blogs. Review and decide which of them really “gets it” when it comes to social media. Pick-up ideas for your own blog.

The following 53 advertising agency blogs have been submitted to Fuel Lines. Review and vote for the best agency blog for the month of June. The winner will be featured on Fuel Lines throughout the month and included in the voting for ad agency blog of the year.

Cast your VOTE by Clicking Here

These are the ad agency blogs submitted for the month of June:

  1. 30 Dana, Dana Communications, Hopewell, NJ
  2. 5 to 9 Branding, Cameron Christopher Thomas Advertising, Denver, CO
  3. Aloft Group Insights, Aloft Group, Inc., Newburyport, MA
  4. Blog-a-Rhythm, Rhythm Interactive, Irvine, CA
  5. brainwoo, Thompson & Company, Memphis, TN
  6. brandSTOKE, CONRAD | PHILLIPS | VUTECH, Columbus, OH
  7. Content to Commerce, Big Fuel, Manhattan, NY
  8. creativity_unbound, Mullen, Boston, MA
  9. Energy Efficiency Marketing, Kelliher Samets Volk, New York, NY
  10. Engaging Trends, Pixel Farm Interactive, Minneapolis, MN
  11. Fifth Gear Analytics, Sigma Marketing Group, Rochester, NY
  12. Going Social Now, Razorfish, New York, NY
  13. Healthy Conversations, Trajectory, Morristown, NJ
  14. Hill Holiday Blog, Hill Holiday, Boston, MA
  15. ideas @ work, Ideas Collide Marketing Communications, Scottsdale, AZ
  16. JWT blog, Atlanta, GA
  17. Marketing Thoughts by Domus, Inc.
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Jump Start Your Ad Agency Blog Using Email


This is a guest post from my friend Todd Knutson, CEO of The List, the most accurate online database of marketing and advertising decision makers in North America. Todd is also the author of a great new business blog, New Business Intel.

If your ad agency has or is considering writing a blog, deciding how to spread the word to acquire readers is important: If relevant corporate marketers aren’t reading it, the time you invest in writing may be in vain.… Continue reading