Vacationing with Social Media and Still Generating Ad Agency New Business

Ad agency new business can be a grind. It’s always good to recharge your batteries by some personal time away. But just because you are taking some much needed time off doesn’t mean your agency’s new business has to suffer. Utilizing social media with a few select tools and tactics can keep your new business pipeline full even when you are away.

I’m writing this post on the last day of a vacation trip  to Key West. My wife and I have enjoyed some amazing sunsets, incredible art, beautiful landscapes and excellent cuisine. The entire time, I’ve been able to stay connected and while I’m personally coasting and relaxing, my new business program remains in place and continues to generate leads that I’m able to easily respond to by checking-in online a few minutes out of my day.

You need to look at social media a savior not a nemesis,  an asset rather than a liability and time saver rather than time killer.

Social media will allow your agency’s new business program to continue running along while you are unwinding on the beach. It also easily maintains a consistency for your new business efforts when your agency is at its busiest times.

  • My blog provides content that is optimized for search to a very specific target audience. It is also repurposed through my RSS feeds, eNewsletter and over 38,000 Twitter followers.
  • Facebook allows you to connect on a more personal level. Family, friends and followers stay connected no matter where you are. Some of the vacation photos we’ve shared via my Facebook account:
  • Locate others, receive great tips through location-based tools such as Foursquare.
  • An eNewsletter, which can be created in minutes by repackaging and repurposing your content, also enhances your return from your time investment. An example: Fuel Lines

I would add a few more but my wife is telling me that she’s ready for brunch … so while I’m away, here are some previous social media | new business articles that may be of interest and a help to you:


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