The Four Great Laws of Copywriting for Ad Agency New Business


Herschell Gordon Lewis, a copywriting trainer, at American Writers & Artists teaches The Four Great Laws of Copywriting. These are excellent Web writing tips for agencies too generate great content that produces inbound leads for agency new business through social media channels.

  1. The First Great Law gives direction: Reach and influence, at the lowest logical cost, the most people who can and will respond. You can’t target everyone.
  2. The Second Great Law is a caution for sanity: In this Age of Skepticism, cleverness for the sake of cleverness may well be a liability rather than an asset.
  3. The Third Great Law is an equation: E2 = 0. This equation means, when you emphasize everything, you emphasize nothing. Don’t expect your readers to “go fish” for what might be of interest to them.
  4. The Fourth Great Law (and the most violated) is the payoff: Tell the reader/viewer/listener what to do. The whole point of salesmanship is lost if we don’t tell our targets what to do.

Read the entire article: The Four Great Laws of Copywriting.

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  1. Excellent advice for copywriters. There are plenty of nuances to the craft to consider, but if you master these few basics, you’re on your way. Good post.

  2. Thanks Jonathan.


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