Study: 82 Million Moms Are Reinventing Marketing in the Digital Age

The Big Fuel agency is fueling new business opportunities through social media.

A new 50 page report “Mom-entum”,by social media and branded content agency Big Fuel, is generating a lot of  “momentum” and new business for this Manhattan based agency. This research positions this agency’s principals as being “thought leaders” to prospective client companies who should be marketing to moms.

“Mom-entum”, clarifies the new ground rules that advertisers must live by to establish brand relationships with America’s 82 million moms.  As a group, this immense and potent demographic is redefining marketing in the 21st century.  To impact this new generation of moms, companies must understand how to use social media effectively.

Mom: She spends two hours a day connecting with friends, family and acquaintances online.  She’s almost never caught outside the house without her cell phone.  She watches over 90 minutes of YouTube videos every month.  And she never, ever wants to be preached to by advertisers.

Consider these facts about The Connected Mom from the “Mom-entum” report:

  • 35 million U.S. moms are actively engaged online;
  • 86% of all U.S. women have a social media profile;
  • 52% of moms read blogs regularly—and 15% own and maintain their own blog;
  • 75% go online to research products and services before purchasing;
  • The top three sources moms use for product research and purchase advice are mom-focused websites, user reviews on shopping websites, and magazine articles;
  • Over 80% of moms look to online videos to see a product in action;
  • 85% of moms enjoy casual online games and/or applications regularly.

“The Connected Mom is a force no one in American commerce has experienced before,” said Avi Savar, CEO of Big Fuel Communications.  “The established rules of engagement no longer apply.  As we state in ‘Mom-entum’, the hard part is balancing content with brand messaging and finding the right tone and authenticity.  Make no mistake about it—the old model of ‘push marketing’ is over forever.  Brands must engage moms through honest, respectful conversation.”

Avi Savar, will also cover the topic of “Mom-entum” at AdTech San Francisco in April.  His talk, “Digital Demographics: Digital Marketing to Moms,” reveals how moms are using social media in all its forms to shape their own purchasing decisions and those of others.

“Mom-entum” is available as a free download at, Big Fuel’s microsite about social media and The Connected. Mom.

Big Fuel provides a good example for how to use social media for agency new business. Allow their example to germinate some fresh ideas for generating leads through social media.

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