The Premier New Business Conference for Ad Agency New Business

I’m attending and speaking at The Mirren New Business Conference in New York City today. It is considered to be the premier new business conference for advertising agencies, marketing, public relations and digital agencies. Over 400 agencies, from across the country, are  represented by those charged with new business development.

If you would like updates and insights from those in attendance follow  on Twitter, @mirrenBizDev, Brent Hodgins, Partner | Director of Client Services for Mirren. Attendees will be using the official hashtag for the conference #mirren.

Just some of the rich nuggets of info gleaned and shared so far from attendees who are using the #mirren hashtag:

  • Theme at#mirren: don’t do spec creative! Undermines value of work from Day 1.
  • “Can You Build A Business Model Around Crowdsourcing?” #mirren
  • Is this really the end of giants? now everybody is becoming “specialized”, platform integration but with narrower category focus.
  • Both CMO’s & Search Consultants agree that relevant industry experience is critical for any agency to win a new account.
  • Clients find it more valuable to start a new agency relationship than to improve an existing one.
  • #mirren conference like group therapy for those responsible for agency business development and marketing. And we need it!
  • Alex Bogusky on New Biz: ‘defy convention’
  • CMOs tell it like it is: a canned presentation is shorthand for laziness.
  • Average win rate on existing relationships – 80%. 43% win rate on new business – IMI research
  • Execs are most concerned with agencies understanding of their biz and industry. Pete Krainik, The CMO Club
  • New types of agencies are cropping up and doing new media better than traditional agencies – IMI Research
  • Consultants rate people & chemistry as THE most important decision making point for their clients
  • The debate on spec work continues. Agencies risk investing time, CMOs risk choosing wrong partner. #mirren Can we find middle ground?
  • You want your agency to be smarter than you.
  • Cold calling for new biz is terrible.. It’is like golf, you stink for 17 holes, hit 1 good shot, and get sucked back in.
  • Creating emotion connected to results are the best kind of pitches

You may also want to check out the Conference Speaker Interview with John Winsor, “Can You Build A Business Model Around Crowdsourcing?”

In my session today, I plan on sharing my Formula for Fueling Agency New Business through Social Media. A step-by-step overview and guide for creating a social media strategy to build credibility quickly and to generate inbound new business leads for your agency:

  • Major Shift in Advertising Means a Shift for Agency New Business Practices
  • The 4 Ways Social Media is Changing Ad Agency New Business
  • The Benefits of Social Media for Ad Agency New Business
  • The Best First Steps Into Social Media
  • A 4 Step Approach to a Social Media Plan
  • Social Media Best Practices: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Blogging
  • Time Management: How Do I Keep Up with Social Media?


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