Advertising Agency Descriptions in 6 Words – Vote for Your Favorite

50 ad agencies descriptions

A recent challenge to advertising agencies elicited over 50 responses.  They were asked to describe their agency in six words or less.

They were also asked to describe their agency in six words “without” using these 10 Things Ad Agencies “Usually” Say About Themselves ?

CLICK HERE to select your favorite from among these responses and I’ll post the favorites and recognize the agencies that submitted them:

  1. big agency vets for half cost
  2. Creative nerds focused on user experiences
  3. We make you more awesome.
  4. Creative ideas, serious technology.
  5. It all starts with a question.
  6. Brand image alignment. With a process.
  7. Portland’s favorite small business marketing partner.
  8. Mountain sports and tourism marketing specialists.
  9. Thought leadership in targeted markets
  10. Team work – we make it happen!
  11. Turning your communication into a conversation.
  12. “Helping companies achieve Meaningful Online Engagement”
  13. Agents of Change, MDi media group
  14. fuel brand activation
  15. We listen, we engage, we create!
  16. Leveraging culture to create relevant campaigns
  17. Profitable Marketing For Small Business.
  18. We think. Therefore we are.
  19. Work that will Never be Forgotten.
  20. Helping you help architects build better.
  21. Less Expense. More Experience.
  22. Brands in a connected world.
  23. Bait Shop For Catching Customers.
  24. “Make The Truth Worth Sharing”
  25. Taking the “ugh” out of thot.
  26. Not like every other ad agency.
  27. An extension of your marketing team.
  28. Proven PR experts delivering hard-hitting coverage
  29. Brand storytellers. All mediums. Since 1907.
  30. Helping Brands Be Victorious Through Sports
  31. A hypersmart, people-powered search agency.
  32. We build brand preference among Hispanics.
  33. Born, you die, sell
  34. We find the right answers.
  35. Food and Beverage Marketing Specialists
  36. Couture Marketing & Product Development
  37. Ideas for a smarter, faster world.
  38. Total business-to-business marketing communications.
  39. We Transform Brands and Build Business
  40. Brand Driven, Marketing Savvy
  41. The faster way to more customers.
  42. Industrial Strength Technology Marketing
  43. Integrated and seasoned: Digital, Creative, PR
  44. We help nonprofits grow beyond probabilities.
  45. Honest, Handcrafted Work That Works.
  46. We turn customers into fans
  47. Like you are our only client
  48. Top-quality marketing that gets results!
  49. Making customers fall in love, daily.
  50. Altavert lets commuters advertise for you.
  51. We Deliver Customers. (SM)
  52. We’re different, you should be to.


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  1. #25

  2. I have just read whole post and It is hard for me to choose only one among these 6 words description.I think that #21 and #46 are really good specially #46 is very nice.

  3. Frankly, most of these are not very engaging. Many have the current barrage of meaningless buzzwords, and many others just lack any oomph.

    Not that I could do any better (after all, its easier to criticize than do), but I was really underwhelmed.

    I was expecting a few more that inspired, or at least prompted thought. Something more along the lines of Wired’s Six Word stories contest. Different focus, but same intent, yes?

  4. Diane Court says:

    #5 Is there any question? It does what you asked (none of the usual) and stands out.

  5. Sell more stuff. Saved three words.

  6. Have you ever thought about putting ads in your RSS feed? It looks like you receive a good amount of traffic on your website. I know some readers don’t appreciate ads very much, but it could provide a way to at least pay for the hosting or even get a few extra coins. I know I usually click on the ads on sites that I like just to show support. Just something to think about.

  7. I love “We Make You More Awesome” — thanks for compiling this list. It’s inspiration for me to try to write something more unique and compelling and emotionally charged for my own agency. Jim

  8. Thanks Jim.

  9. I think you mean “elicited” instead of “enlisted”.

  10. Thank you for the edit Anon.

  11. #29 stands out…in just 6 words, we know what they do, how they do it, and how long they’ve been doing it.

  12. My agency’s description: “Hispanic marketing to make you money”

  13. GeoffPickering says:

    At least twenty-five percent mentioned a “customer.” They were in the right ball park. Twenty-five percent was just weak writing – all the way around. The remaining fifty percent was focused on inwardly highlighting the “how or what” of their business not the “why” of their existence. Uninspired, unoriginal, marketing gunk, a sea of sameness. Their employees must struggle daily to feel any motivation or sense of inspirational direction.

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