Ad Agency Challenge: Describe your agency in 6 words

Here’s a challenge for you. Can you describe your agency in six words or less?

Let’s take it one step further … Can you describe your agency in six words “without” using these 10 Things Ad Agencies “Usually” Say About Themselves ?

Ten things agencies are most likely to say about themselves:

  1. Full service
  2. Comprehensive solutions
  3. Great ideas
  4. Results oriented
  5. Integrated marketing approach
  6. Wide range of experience
  7. We are strategic
  8. Great chemistry
  9. Out-side-the-box
  10. Award winning creative

If you are up for the challenge, share your description in six words or less in the comment section below. Be sure to identify your agency, include your agency’s website address if you like. I’d like to highlight these in a future post and have readers to vote on the best.

Thanks for participating!


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  1. big agency vets for half cost

  2. Creative nerds focused on user experiences

  3. We make you more awesome.

  4. Creative ideas, serious technology.

  5. It all starts with a question.

  6. Brand image alignment. With a process.

  7. Portland’s favorite small business marketing partner.

  8. Mountain sports and tourism marketing specialists.

  9. Thought leadership in targeted markets
    John Sonnhalter

  10. Villing & Company
    5909 Nimtz Pkwy.
    South Bend, IN 46628

    Team work – we make it happen!

  11. Still in the start-up of the business but would like to share my thoughts on how I’d like to describe it anyway:

    Turning your communication into a conversation.

  12. We make our clients mucho money

  13. Our positioning statement is: “Interactive Marketing Agency for the mature markets”, but technically that’s seven words, so, the following will suffice as well:

    “Helping companies achieve Meaningful Online Engagement”

    “Helping companies market to Baby Boomers”

    “Marketing more effectively to Baby Boomers”

    Immersion Active

  14. Agents of Change, MDi media group

    Mobile, AL

  15. Scorch Agency
    fuel brand activation

  16. Creators of original content that powers premium brands. (8 words)

  17. We listen, we engage, we create!

  18. Thought this was funny. Found this decription on for a Florida Citrus RFP today:

    “Proposals must be from agencies that are strategically focused, results oriented, and can work as part of a team to expand the market for Florida citrus products.”

    …so I guess we’ve all just gotten used to telling them what they want to hear?

    Anyone interested in the opportunity can access the doc through RFPDB:

  19. If I have to narrow it down to six words…
    “Leveraging culture to create relevant campaigns”

    The slightly longer snapshot…
    New Ezra—Digital Culture Agency | We dive deep into culture to create relevant campaigns, products, & services for brands.

  20. Great exercise! We do this with clients to help develop USP’s. As for my firm, here’s how we currently position ourselves:

    Profitable Marketing For Small Business.

  21. Couldn’t even get to six words …

    We think. Therefore we are.

    Minds over what matters.

    The enemy of ordinary.

  22. Work that will Never be Forgotten.

  23. Our firm, Chusid Associates (, specializes in marketing strategies for building product manufacturers, so our six words would be:

    Helping you help architects build better.

    Loved this exercise; thanks for posting it!

  24. Less Expense. More Experience.

  25. Your success is our success. Period.


    Making sense of brands in a connected world

    (do of, in and a count as words? :))

    Brands in a connected world.

  27. Bait Shop For Catching Customers.

  28. “Make The Truth Worth Sharing”
    – Honesty Stockholm

  29. It is a toss-up…

    Taking the “ugh” out of thot.

    Instilling courage by changing perceptions.

  30. free sexy secretary willing to relocate

  31. Not like every other ad agency.

  32. An extension of your marketing team.

  33. 919 Marketing, Raleigh, NC

    Proven PR experts delivering hard-hitting coverage

    Innovative PR firm generating lucrative leads

  34. joshuafleming says:

    Brand storytellers. All mediums. Since 1907.

  35. Helping Brands Be Victorious Through Sports

    Riber Sports Marketing Group
    Cincinnati, OH

  36. A hypersmart, people-powered search agency.

    -iSearch Media in six words

  37. We build brand preference among Hispanics.

    PM Publicidad
    Atlanta, GA / Newport Beach, CA

  38. Born, you die, sell

    -Stone Road

  39. connecting the dots across the modern marketing landscape

    hey, it’s eight. but modern marketing is about doing whatever it takes to get the word across..including bending the rules. 🙂

  40. We find the right answers.

  41. Food and Beverage Marketing Specialists

  42. Stigmare, Inc.
    Bellevue, WA USA

    Couture Marketing & Product Development

  43. Ideas for a smarter, faster world.

    Pittsburgh PA, Washington DC, Atlanta GA

  44. Total business-to-business marketing communications. That’s what it’s been for years. We just lucked out that we had six already for today’s fun.

  45. We Transform Brands and Build Businesss

  46. Sorry, got carried away on the “s” key.

    We Transform Brands and Build Business

  47. shib neddeff says:

    Brand Driven , Marketing Savvy

  48. The faster way to more customers.

  49. 1. Industrial Strength Technology Marketing

    2. Kick-butt Marketing that Steals Share

  50. Integrated and seasoned: Digital, Creative, PR

  51. Russ Reid (

    We help nonprofits grow beyond probabilities.

  52. Will Work For Food.

    – or –

    Honest, Handcrafted Work That Works.

    (I’d dearly love to incorporate our hatred of Powerpoint Pseudoscience but that’s just so, so negative)
    Johnstown, PA

  53. We turn customers into fans

  54. Kelly Wilson says:

    “Like you are our only client”

  55. Top-quality marketing that gets results!

  56. Kelly Wilson says:

    Here’s another one:

    “Making customers fall in love, daily.”

  57. Altavert lets commuters advertise for you.

    Visit our website, to find out more about enhancing your brand with commuter advertising, or call 877-ALTAVERT.

  58. We Deliver Customers. (SM)

    Dan Nelson, Jr.
    Nelson Schmidt Inc.
    Milwaukee, WI

  59. “Helping Companies Choose the Right Agency”

    That’s Hitch!

    Great exercise, Michael~

  60. We’re different, you should be to.

  61. Triad Advertising. Ideas Roll. Results Follow.

  62. I totally agree with Barbara’s comment. Thanks for discussing such an insightful article with all of us. I’ve bookmarked your blog will come back for a re-read again. Keep up the excellent work.

  63. We are actually repositioning ourselves and are going to try out a new idea.

    Web Based Sales Leads In 30 Days

  64. Help make the complex sale happen

  65. why trust forever to just anyone

  66. Enough about us. What about you?

  67. Realizing marketing tech innovation for brands

  68. memorable and measureable

  69. We are fully intagrated advertising program in Toronto.

    Left Right. Business. Creative. Thinking. Advertising@Seneca College.

    Not sure that meets the “six word” guidelines… It is our brand message.

  70. Memorable. Measurable.

  71. personable smarts that make you standout

  72. We Make Ideas Work

  73. Smart audience and client understanding approach.

  74. This is my favourite of the bunch, very clever.

  75. Helping non-profits raise more money!

  76. Lermann PR turns coverage into turnover

  77. left brains, right brains, brand soul.

  78. We open doors for your business!

  79. Optimized, profitable marketing for Your Business

  80. Driving consumer action through informed creativity.

  81. Serving manufacturers who sell to tradesmen

  82. The kind of work that works.

  83. Controlling conversations to create brands that people cannot imagine living without.

    Yeah….a little more…but whatever 🙂

  84. communication geeks that solve client problems

  85. Interesting idea, I would say Blink Design Studios is:

    “Creative, friendly, reliable, affordable and local.”

    Simple 🙂

    Blink Design Studios Ltd – offering everything from logos and websites to whatever else your company could possibly need (as long as it involves design).
    Twitter @weareblink

  86. Bold Healthcare Branding

  87. ThinkBank

  88. Creative Heroes

  89. i can do half as good as that –> “Bloody good fun!”

  90. Connecting people to brands that fit.

  91. Henry Pepper says:

    Start a new conversation with your customers:

  92. Ideas that ignite business decisions.

    (with one to spare)

  93. Artillery. Explosive Brand Growth.

  94. Six words? Three will do: Marketing with Meaning

  95. Delivering remarkable, so people give a damn

  96. Sharon Krinsky says:

    Not full of crap, since 1985.

  97. We’ll make you rich & famous

  98. ideas. communications. results.

  99. ideas. communications. results.

  100. Content. Connection. Credibility.

  101. design agency. making brilliant design accessible.

  102. Hero Design Studio
    A catalyst for business success.

  103. Creativity seeking hot Brands for Love.!/blendedcreative
    Creative studio based in Bristol. We produce beautifully crafted, super-functional solutions for brand,print and web and we’d love to work with you!

  104. So freaking refreshing. One thing I’ve noticed is so many agency people won’t shut up and listen.

  105. On target, on time, on budget

  106. We help brands matter more

  107. We help brands matter more.

  108. Committed, Commercial, Curious, Confident, Conversational, Challengers

  109. Say it. Live it. Total Brand Alignment.

  110. MOC creates effective business case studies. Belief here:

  111. “approve”


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