Ad Agencies: An Excellent Resource for Understanding Social Media Marketing

Getting up to speed with social media marketing with credibility, quickly for ad agency new business opportunities.

Just today I was asked by an agency executive for a book I would recommend for one of his clients. Without hesitation I recommended, “Social Media Marketing for Dummies.

The only real negative of this book, from my perspective, is its title. I found myself hiding the front cover while reading it on the plane. It made giving this as a gift to any of my clients a bit awkward. I also found myself hiding the cover while reading it on the plane.

Even though you might have to provide a disclaimer for the title as being part of the Dummies Series or give it as a gift with a book cover, I highly recommend it.

Many agencies, when they step into the social media arena, become quickly overwhelmed. This is a good resource for every member of your staff to help get them up to speed quickly with social.

The book is written by Shiv Singh, who is well qualified to write such on this subject. He walks the walk as well as talks the talk. Shiv is the VP & Global Social Media Lead for Razorfish, one of the largest interactive agencies in the world.

Shiv has been with Razorfish since 1999 and, has led digital strategy and social media teams in its Boston, New York, San Francisco and London offices. He has helped helped Razorfish to introduce social media to its lients such as Carnival Cruise Lines, Microsoft, Citibank, Ford Motor Company, Mercedes Benz, Novartis and Victoria Secret.

Agencies that have been behind the social media learning curve need to get up to speed and establish credibility quickly. This book is an excellent resource for doing just that. It’s an easy read and will become a valuable reference tool moving forward.

Click here for a quick overview of the book’s helpful content, such as:

  • Social Media Marketing Rules
  • Establish a Social Media Marketing Game Plan
  • How to Bring Social Influence Marketing to Life
  • How to Measure Social Influence Marketing
  • Which Social Media Marketing Platforms to Target

Click here for additional reviews, a glimpse inside or to order a copy of Social Media Marketing for Dummies

Social Media Marketing For Dummies author, Shiv Shing shares some tips on how to be an effective marketer in the 21st century.

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  1. If people are embarrassed by the title of the book, they could get it on Kindle on their iPhones… no one would know you are reading it. It will be our little secret… LOL 😉

  2. That is true Norm! A good suggestion.

  3. Thanks, Norm. I think that’s something I should also mention to readers!

  4. Ad agencies face a huge dilemma; spending money on sites where communities generate the content (a l LinkeIN and FaceBook) is a low ROI proposition. Traditional media; online, print, face-to-face is the fuel the drives the social engine. Now incorporating share tags in your media is a good idea, but when was the last time you got value from a FB ad or clicked on a LI banner? You get what you pay for, cheap impressions bc while the traffic volumes may be astronomical, users go to these sites for very different reasons than they go to for example where they can find rich content. Having a social media strategy as part of the clients marketing onbjective is great for spurring community debate and providing users a forum for speech and dialogue. When was the last time your clients’ product was reviewed by an editor by twitter? When did your client got an industry award from FaceBook?

  5. Sorry for the type-o’s….you get my drift..

  6. Hi there can I use some of the information found in this post if I reference you with a link back to your site?

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