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14 Advertising Agency Blogs. Vote for your favorite for the month of February 2010

Examples of ad agency blogs. Review and decide which of them really “gets it” when it comes to social media. Pick-up ideas for your own blog.

The following 14 advertising agency blogs have been submitted to Fuel Lines. Vote for the best agency blog for the month of February. The winner will be featured on Fuel Lines throughout the month and included in the voting for ad agency blog of the year.

Cast your VOTE by Clicking Here

These are the ad agency blogs submitted for the month of February:

  1. beginner cco, Pixel Farm Interactive, Minneapolis, MN
  2. Blog-a-Rhythm, Rhythm Interactive, Irvine, CA
  3. brainwoo, Thompson & Company, Memphis, TN
  4. brandSTOKE, CONRAD | PHILLIPS | VUTECH, Columbus, OH
  5. Going Social Now, Razorfish, New York, NY
  6. Peak Seven blog, Peak Seven Advertising, Deerfield Beach, FL
  7. RIESTER BLOG, RIESTER Advertising, Phoenix, AZ, Salt Lake City, UT, El Segundo, CA
  8. Root & Madison Blog, Root & Madison, LLC, Dallas, TX and Denver, CO
  9. Share, bcad Group, Toronto, Canada
  10. The Assurance Blog, Assurance Advertising, Orange County, CA and Las Vegas, NV
  11. The Idea Drawer, ABC Creative Group, Syracuse, NY
  12. The Nebo Blog, NeboWeb, Atlanta, GA
  13. Up Your Ups, Wheeler Advertising, Arlington, TX
  14. Wired to the Real World, Smiley Hanchulak, Akron, OH

Fuel Lines Agency Blog of the Month for January: Levelwing Media Blog

Walker Sands: Voted Top Ad Agency Blog of the Year for 2009

Submit an agency blog for March’s blog of the month.

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Trey Pennington’s interview with Michael Gass for BlogTalkRadio’s The Social Media Professor

Fueling ad agency new business through social media

I was honored to have recently been interviewed by Trey Pennington for his BlogTalkRadio show, The Social Media Professor. Trey is marketing consultant, speaker and author. He is highly respected for his leadership of social media for business. In addition to his radio program, Trey has over 75,000 followers on Twitter, and writes for his popular blog “Trey Pennington, connections, content, conversations: commerce.”

Click here to listen to the interview with Trey, my experience using social media from a new business perspective for advertising agency new business.Continue reading

50 ways to read the news without opening a newspaper

It’s important for agencies and PR firms to stay on top of the changing communications technologies and tools that impact our industry. One PR consultant’s experiment has forced him to discover “news tools” available beyond the printed newspaper.

I came across Adam Vincenzini, a PR consultant’s new years resolution for 2010 and thought it would be of interest. Adam had averaged over 60 minutes per day consuming a variety of newspapers.

To explore the online resources available, he made a New Years resolution that he would not to buy or read a printed newspaper for an entire year.

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Ad Agencies Strike to Protest Unfair New Business Pitch Process

Agencies spend a lot of time and money on new business pitches, often with terrible odds of winning. And many advertisers, during the downturn in the economy, are asking for more from the pitch process without paying.

Belgian advertising agencies have embarked on a one-week strike in protest against advertisers who have stopped following a charter governing norms that are supposed to govern the industry, reports Advertising Age.

The striking agencies wanted to raise the unfairness of the current pitch process for new business.… Continue reading

Ad Agency Challenge: Describe your agency in 6 words

Here’s a challenge for you. Can you describe your agency in six words or less?

Let’s take it one step further … Can you describe your agency in six words “without” using these 10 Things Ad Agencies “Usually” Say About Themselves ?

Ten things agencies are most likely to say about themselves:

  1. Full service
  2. Comprehensive solutions
  3. Great ideas
  4. Results oriented
  5. Integrated marketing approach
  6. Wide range of experience
  7. We are strategic
  8. Great chemistry
  9. Out-side-the-box
  10. Award winning creative

If you are up for the challenge, share your description in six words or less in the comment section below.Continue reading

Advertising Agencies Top 10 New Business Articles of Interest

New Business and social media continues to be the top interests for ad agencies.

There were over 30,000 page views for FUEL LINES in January alone. The most traffic thus far of any month since I started this blog. With the continued recession there is still a lot of interest in new business for agencies. Because many agencies have been late to get on board the social media wagon, they are searching for social media resources that will help them get up to speed quickly.… Continue reading

Ad Agencies: An Excellent Resource for Understanding Social Media Marketing

Getting up to speed with social media marketing with credibility, quickly for ad agency new business opportunities.

Just today I was asked by an agency executive for a book I would recommend for one of his clients. Without hesitation I recommended, “Social Media Marketing for Dummies.

The only real negative of this book, from my perspective, is its title. I found myself hiding the front cover while reading it on the plane. It made giving this as a gift to any of my clients a bit awkward.… Continue reading

12 Blog Writing Tips to Generate Ad Agency New Business

Your agency’s blog can become the “gateway” to introduce your agency to your best prospective clients. But you’ll need to implement some “best practices” to generate serious blog traffic.

Over three years of writing blog posts and assisting agencies in creating and writing for their blogs, here are some blogging tips that I hope you will find helpful. Keep in mind that I’m providing these from a new business perspective to generate inbound leads from your agency’s best target audience

Post titles: Choose a key phrase that you can dominate in Google by using it consistently in your post titles.… Continue reading

It’s Usually the Best Sign When Ad Agencies are Hiring!

In the midst of such a long drawn out recession, it’s always good news when you hear of an ad agency that is hiring.

The best “tell-tale” sign that an agency is doing well is when they are having to fill staff positions due to new business.  Bob Hoffman, CEO of Hoffman/Lewis Advertising in San Francisco sent me a heads-up on a new post he had written for his blog, The Ad Contrarian.

Instead of using a “head-hunter” Hoffman/Lewis Advertising  is using Bob’s social media network to fill the following 12 positions:

  • Creative Director/Group CD (2)
  • Junior Copywriter
  • Junior Art Director
  • Edit Suite Assistant
  • Account Executive
  • Account Coordinator (2)
  • Director, Brand Strategy
  • Data Analyst
  • Sr.
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Ad Agency Draw 63,000+ Twitter Users for BrandBowl 2010

A great idea for building agency awareness …

The Mullen advertising agency, and Radian6, a leader in social media measurement, created BrandBowl2010, a Twitter/Super Bowl experience that combined tweeting, ad reviews and a host of metrics to let viewers generate and view real time ratings of the TV commercials that ran on the big game.

“According to the 63,000+ Twitter users whose comments were captured in BrandBowl2010Doritos was the most effective brand to advertise on the Super Bowl telecast on CBS this year. 

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