Add A Fact Sheet for Ad Agency New Business

ad agency fact sheet

Most prospective clients need a quick way to be given ” just the facts” about your agency without all of the fluff.

I’m amazed at how many agencies make it difficult to get past the hype and provide necessary, evaluative information. Some agency websites won’t even include their location and force prospects to do unnecessary research. If they want to speak with someone directly, they are often asked to fill out a form or to email info@. Why make finding the basic information about your agency and a point of contact so difficult? 

You should make it easy for prospects to obtain the facts about your agency.  A tool that is simple to execute and is to revise is a a downloadable and printable Agency Fact Sheet that can be easily obtained from your agency’s website. And while we are on the subject, also make it easier for them to make contact, not with the info@ but with a person, preferably the person charged with overseeing your agency’s new business.

Here are some examples of Agency Fact Sheets:

Hill Holiday uses Wikipedia for their Agency Fact Sheet.

If you have an Agency Fact Sheet, share it in the comment section below and we’ll continue to add to this lists.

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  1. Noticed your positive comment about our Web Site. Thanks for the recognition.


  2. Michael, thank you for providing not only this good example but for the way you promote Doe Anderson in so many good ways.

  3. So true Michael. I always tell agencies that the agency selection process works like a graph, time is the X axis and the Y axis is importance of hygiene factors compared with chemistry on a scale of 1 to 100 where 100 is hygiene being totally important. The graph looks like a slope!

  4. Thanks for the additional insight Adam. I hope you are doing well.

  5. Not too shabby Michael. Agencies are starting to spend money on marketing themselves again. They are telling me that clients are telling them that THEY will start spending big time again in the summer so the agencies are starting to spend money marketing to the clients now! If ad agencies are the bellweather of the economy then maybe those of us who market them are the bellweathers of the bellweathers?

  6. Having an agency fact sheet is a great idea. Although four of your agency examples go to pages that don’t exist and have no redirect.

  7. Thanks for the heads up Kim. These links change over time as agencies redesign their websites. I’ll locate some fresh examples.

  8. Stephanie says:

    I enjoyed this little article and will be implementing this idea soon. Thank you. Several of your links no longer work, btw.

  9. Thanks for the heads up Stephanie. I’ll update those links.

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