Survey: 2010 Digital Marketing Outlook

The Rise of Digital … is your ad agency digitally prepared?

“This is a changing of the guard,” said Rishad Tobaccowala, CEO of Denuo Group and chief innovation officer for Publicis Groupe Media. “If you look back 20, 30 years ago, the major (media) companies would probably be print-based. Then they move to basically be broadcast based. Now we’re looking at companies that have basically digital or technology underpinnings.“

The 2010 Digital Marketing Outlook survey, conducted by The Society of Digital Agencies (SoDA), which polled in excess of a thousand executives from major global brands, traditional and Digital agencies, vendor and service providers that operate in the Digital space, as well as freelance and independent Digital practitioners.

This research continues to confirm that the future of Digital Marketing is exceptionally bright.

Some notable indicators from the survey:

  • 81% of Brand Execs expect an increase in digital projects for 2010
  • 50% will be shifting funds from traditional to digital media
  • 78% of global participants believe the current economy will actually spawn more funds allocated to Digital

Additionally keen insights from SoDA members around the globe on their thoughts and predictions about the future of the Digital Marketing landscape over the forward 12 months.

  • “The web can be anywhere, and physical interaction with brand and the extension of commerce into the real world are the convergence point in the next wave of digital marketing.” – Peter Connolly, Obscura Digital
  • “The most important outcome of the smartphone revolution isn’t sales, but rather the shift in the cultural expectations of the device. In just two years, the iPhone has quickly ascended to pop-cultural icon, and has shifted the way that mobile devices impact consumers’ lives, attitudes, and how they, in turn, view the role of a mobile device to support their daily needs.” – Brian Chiger, AgencyNet
  • “IPTV will be the catalyst for “a move away from the ‘interruptive’ advertising model that dominates television today, toward the idea of enhancement, in which brands support new contexts for viewing.”– Dale Herigstad, Schematic
  • “Augmented Reality has the potential to transform the digital landscape, merging online and offline in many creative ways. It is among the most interactive digital tools available to marketers, delivering unparalleled experiential engagement.” – Richard Taylor, IE
  • Rather than spending another misguided year trying to “engineer” viral campaigns that will propagate themselves, regardless of consumer intentions, it’s time to refocus our marketing efforts to align with the way that people actually behave.” – Ivan Askwith, Big Spaceship
  • The most effective digital platforms have shifted from “disruptive” to “productive” by providing a service or utility…[They] fundamentally change the approach from “how we reach our customers” to “how we make their lives better.” – Ken Martin, Chief Creative Officer, and Ivan Todorov, CEO & CTO, Blitz

You can download the report here SoDA 2010 DMO

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  1. Agency Brethren,

    Dont be lured by cheap social media and higher agency margins. These sites have very little cost structure and our client wont get the ROI needed. All clicks are not created equal. When is the last time your client CEO was interviewd, product reviewed, or an award earner by a social site? We may not like the marging of traditioal b2c and b2b media, but shifting dollars is biting the hand the feeds. The sites and pubs that follow the industry, enhance and and are vital assets where are clients are able to compete and effectively brand. When is the last time you clicked on a banner on FB and LI. Social Media may be “sexy” now, but you’ll put yourself, client and agency out of work while the SN sites pocket the money and give nothing back but a few unqualified click. Be smart.


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