Edward Boches: 5 questions every CMO should ask a prospective ad agency

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“You are not hiring an agency’s past, you are hiring its future.”

Edward is the Chief Creative Officer for the Mullen agency. He joined the Boston agency when it was small and helped to grow it to become a respected and renowned advertising agency that is known globally.

He is one of the few agency principals willing to immerse himself in social media and has rapidly moved his agency in the same direction. Mullen truly “gets it” when it comes to social and I believe one of the reasons they have had such great success with their new business acquisitions.

Edward recently wrote a great piece for his blog Creativity Unbound, “Five questions every CMO should ask a prospective ad agency.”  He points out that most RFIs (request for information) sent to agencies are asking about an agency’s past. But he states,

… you’re not hiring an agency’s past, you’re hiring its future. And that future, while somewhat informed by previous accomplishments, is more likely to be a reflection of an agency’s vision, the newest people it’s hiring and its willingness to embrace what’s coming rather than preserve what’s been.”

With that point being made, Edward suggests 5 questions a CMO should ask:

  1. What is the future of advertising?
  2. What are you doing to assure your survival?
  3. What are your criteria for hiring people?
  4. What is your definition of a creative team?
  5. What are five recent creative ideas that aren’t ads?

Click here to read Edwards entire article, “Five questions every CMO should ask a prospective ad agency.”

Edward writes the Creativity Unbound blog and is very active on twitter as @EdwardBoches.


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