10 iPhone Apps for Ad Agency New Business

For your social media efforts to be effective for inbound lead generation, its important for you to stay connected. Apps make it easier to do so, even when you are at your busiest.

If you don’t have an iPhone I highly recommend them. I was a long time Blackberry loyalist but finally decided to make the switch. Its been worth it. The apps are a big part of the iPhones success. There are now over 200,000 and and its expected there will be over 300,000 iPhone apps before the end of 2010.

The iPhone is a handheld computer. It not only is my phone and allows me to send and receive email but also web browsing, GPS, games, scanner, radio, TV/Video monitor and much more.

I’ve assembled a list of some handy iPhone apps that allow me to be efficient as I travel and make the most of my time out of the office. Here’s my personal top 10 list:

1. WordPress app for iPhone

This iPhone app lets you write posts, upload photos, edit pages, and manage comments on your blog from your iPhone or iPod touch. With support for both WordPress.com and self-hosted WordPress (2.7 or higher), you can up and going in seconds.

Available on the App Store

2. Tweetdeck app for iPhone

Tweet on the go with all your favorite TweetDeck features, including the ability to view and update Facebook, direct from your iPhone.

Available on the App Store

3. Facebook app for iPhone

Facebook for iPhone makes it easier than ever to stay connected wherever you are. You can easily update your status numerous times day once you have Facebook in your pocket. The site lets you search for people with just a few quick taps and call your friends directly from their profile. Facebook events become even easier with your iPhone, as you can quickly look up maps and directions on the go. Available on the App Store

4. DropBox app for iPhone

The free Dropbox iPhone app lets you:

  • Access your Dropbox on the go.
  • View your files on your iPhone or iPod Touch.
  • Download files for offline viewing.
  • Take photos and videos and sync them to your Dropbox.
  • Share links to files in your Dropbox.
  • View interactive photo galleries.
  • Sync downloaded files so they’re up-to-date.

This is one of my favorite apps. I use it to transfer documents that I’m using while traveling, and documents that I need to share. Super simple. Works easily across Mac and PC’s as well as iPhone.

Available on the App Store

5. Scanner Pro app for iPhone

Scanner Pro transforms your iPhone into portable scanner. It easily handles situations when you have printed document that should be send by email and there is no scanner nearby. You can scan multipage documents and email them or upload it to your DropBox (mentioned above). You also can transfer a scanned document to your desktop computer over Wi-Fi and, if you use iPhone 3GS, transform it into editable MS Word file with desktop OCR tool of your choice.

I never dreamed I would use this app as much as I do. It has come in very handy.

Available on the App Store

6.  Evernote app for iPhone

Evernote’s claim is that it helps you remember everything.  This iPhone app lets you create notes, snap photos, and record voice memos that you can then access any time — from your iPhone, computer, or the web.

Special features:

  • Create text, snapshot, and voice notes any time
  • Snap photos of white board, business cards, or wine labels and Evernote will recognize the text in the images
  • Turn your iPhone on its side to scroll through an endless stream of notes.
  • Quickly find your note by location using Evernote’s map view

Available on the App Store

7. MEO (My Eyes Only) app for iPhone

My Eyes Only is an iPhone application designed to secure your personal information by password protecting encrypted personal information that includes, web site passwords, credit card numbers, banking information, identity card information, passports, and other personal information that iPhone users want to carry with them for instant access. MEO uses secure RSA encryption to protect sensitive information from loss or theft, and protects access to all MEO personal information with user chosen passwords.

Very handy.

Available on the App Store

8. Dragon Dictation app for iPhone

Dragon Dictation is an easy-to-use voice recognition application  that allows you to speak and instantly see your text or email messages, 5 tims faster than typing on the keyboard. You can send voice-to-text messages on your iPhone by SMS, Email or paste into any applications.

Simple to use and works surprisingly well.

Available on the App Store

9. Jeremiah Owyang’s Blog app for iPhone

Web Strategist, Jeremiah Owyang, is among the first bloggers to have his own iPhone app that extends his reach to the mobile medium. This is not only an example of what is to come from other bloggers, Jeremiah offers great insight into web strategies, interactive marketing and social technologies.

Available on the App Store

10. Advertising Age app for iPhone

The most recent news and views from Ad Age, the leading source of the advertising/marketing industry. You can read it and share it while on the go.

Available on the App Store

Additional article that may be of interest: Creating an iPhone App for Your Ad Agency’s Blog


About Michael Gass

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Since 2007, he has been pioneering the use of social media, inbound and content marketing strategies specifically for agency new business.

He is the founder of Fuel Lines Business Development, LLC, a firm which provides business development training and consulting services to advertising, digital, media and PR agencies.


  1. Just installed Jeremiah Owyang’s Blog app for the iPhone. Pretty cool. Thanks for the tip!

  2. You are very welcome Dan. Guy Kawasaki has one as well that you might want to check out.

  3. the iPhone rocks no 1 can stop it!

  4. The Blackberry has nothing like the iPhone AppStore. The Android phones are just really getting started, but the soon will have many of the same apps as the AppStore. The question is, can Android pass iPhone?

  5. Guy kawasaki, in my oppinion has about 5% good content. the rest just floods your rss, or twitter feed.

  6. This is a very good list because it helps businesses stay connected and updated. Through this they will be able to gain more leads. Advertising is a very iportant factor in promoting the goods and services you offer. I also know a site which can help you create ideas to promote your products and services.
    This is the source:


  7. good site! I have honestly liked it!

  8. Excellent list Michael. I have to say I use about 6 of these apps now. I appreciate the Dragon suggestion – I have an iphone which has the voice memos on it – but this app will make note taking and ideas-storming far easier.

    I might add the QR reader to the list – although it has not quite taken hold here in North America – I can see this as very useful app for personal branding at the least. Or instead of offering a business card for your company – the QR code could be used to give a contact instant access to a website, or a social media site.

    I use Scanlife http://www.scanlife.com/us/

    I created a QR code for my blog in 5 seconds and uploaded it to my Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/MessageWorksCommunications?v=app_6009294086

    So far I have had one person access my blog from the QR code but I expect this to change – rapidly over the next year – year and half.

    Thanks again..


  9. Thanks for posting this helpful list Michael. I just started using Dropbox recently and was not aware there was a free iPhone app that would enable me to view and transfer documents on my iPhone – that’s awesome!

    While they don’t necessarily relate to “new business”, I also get a lot of use out of the ClickZ app and Analytics App for viewing Google Analytics.

  10. Thanks for sharing Rob. I use Dropbox alot, especially when traveling and making presentations.

    I’ll be sure and check out the ClickZ app and Analytics App.

  11. Great list. I already use several of them, and I’m going to check out the few that I don’t. Evernote is such an amazing app. Anyone who isn’t using it, truly is missing out.

  12. Thanks Brady.

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