Blog of the Month for November: Swedish Ad Agency’s Blog is Selected

For the first time, an ad agency outside of the US has been selected as Fuel Lines ad agency blog of the month.

The Duffy Agency, an independent, advertising agency located in MalmöSweden, the agency’s blog , Methodical Madness was selected as Fuel Lines’ Ad Agency Blog of the Month for November with 31% of 439 votes cast. Dana Communications blog, New York, NY, came in second with 17% of the votes.

Sean Duffy and Hank Fågerstedt founded The Duffy Agency in 2001. The Duffy Agency is part of the Transworld Advertising Agency Network (TAAN) TAAN is an association of independent advertising agencies from around the world and the second TAAN agency’s blog (Sonnhalter: Tradesmen Insights) to have been selected this year.

Agency founder Sean Duffy said that they use Methodical Madness to focus on tactics. The agency has a second blog called Brand Rants that focuses more on strategy.

Follow The Duffy Agency on Twitter.

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