Tiny Ad Agency Generates Big Interest and Opportunities Through Social Media

Forbes Selects: Thirty Women Entrepreneurs to Follow on Twitter

Last year Holland + Holland, Birmingham, AL,  celebrated its 25th anniversary. This was your typical small, full service advertising agency. Excellent creative that was strategically based with a staff that had great chemistry that was fun to work with. Sound familiar? Then they added social media to their new business marketing mix and the results have been revolutionary.

The first thing social media allowed them to do was to easily discover  and hang their hat on a unique and appealing position that has in turn created a national interest for this tiny agency.

For the first time in their history, Holland + Holland has been invited to participate in two national pitches in 2009.  Their president is now frequently called upon to speak across the country and author guest columns and posts. Her blog, She-conomy, has been mentioned in the Wall Street Journal and she was recently named to Forbes Thirty Women Entrepreneurs To Follow on Twitter.  Social media has allowed Stephanie and her agency to compete in a much larger arena without geographical limitations. Their agency’s positioning gives companies a reason to seek them out.

Check out Stephanie’s blog: She-conomy: A Guy’s Guide to Marketing to Women

What is appealing about your agency’s positioning? Is it unique? Differentiating? Does it give clients a reason to seek you out?

Social media allows you to more easily position your agency without throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Create and hone your positioning WITH engagement from your best target audience.

Input  from your prospective clients, your target audience, is the missing ingredient in agency branding. They are the judge and the jury as to what they find appealing about your agency brand. Social media helps you create a positioning that is of clear benefit to them, not agency’s capabilities and credentials.

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