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If 2009 was the year to forget for the advertising industry, what’s next?


2009 has become the year to forget for the advertising industry.

“If you look at 2009, we have not seen a convergence of so many issues and crises at the same time. It was the perfect storm,”says Maurice Levy, chief executive of Publicis Groupe, one of the world’s largest ad companies, with clients including General Motors, Procter & Gamble and Coca-Cola.

It’s “the worst” the business has seen since Zenith began tracking ad spending 21 years ago and “likely the worst since World War II,” says Steve King, Zenith’s global CEO.

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23 ad agency blogs. Select the one that best understands social media.

Examples of ad agency blogs. Review and decide which of them really “gets it” when it comes to social media. Pick-up ideas for your own blog.

23 ad agency blogs have been submitted to Fuel Lines. Vote for the best agency blog for the month of December. The winner will be featured on Fuel Lines throughout the month of January and included in the voting for ad agency blog of the year.

Cast your VOTE by Clicking Here

These are the ad agency blogs submitted for the month of December:

  1. Alstin Communication’s Blog, Philadelphia, PA
  2. ART + Science, The Partners + Simons blog, Boston, MA
  3. B2B Ideas@Work Blog, MLT Creative, Clarkston, GA
  4. Beloved Experiences, Beloved Experiential, Orlando, FL
  5. Brand Rants, The Duffy Agency, Malmo, Sweden
  6. BroganBlog, Brogan & Partners Convergence Marketing, Birmingham, MI and Cary, NC
  7. Dana Communications blog, New York, NY
  8. Content to Commerce, Big Fuel, New York, NY
  9. Demi & Cooper Advertising Blog, Elgin, IL
  10. Fluid’s Big Idea Blog, Fluid Studio, Salt Lake City, UT
  11. FootPrints, Walker Sands Communications, Chicago, IL
  12. Logical Juice, Media Logic blog, Albany, NY
  13. Media Two Point {OH}!
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Using Social Media for Ad Agency Clients for Christmas

This isn’t your typical Christmas Card just a good example of an agency using social media to do something a little different for one of their clients this year.

Holiday Greeting from Business Interiors

Holland  + Holland created this Christmas video for their client Business Interiors which used it instead of sending a typical Christmas card to their customers. I thought it was well done and wanted to share.

To all of the readers of Fuel Lines, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and may 2010 be a great year for your agency’s new business!

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It’s Time to Monetize Social Media for Ad Agency New Business

It’s time for agencies to get serious about social media. We’re beyond debating the validity of social and beyond just sticking our toe in the water. It’s time to monetize social media for ad agency new business.

Ad agencies will need an integrated social media strategy if they are ever going to see the payoff from their participation. An agency blog should be the central component. The place you can drive targeted online traffic through SEO, Twitter, email newsletters, Facebook and LinkedIn.… Continue reading

No. 1 Ad Agency New Business Article for 2009

Out of more than 200 Fuel Lines’ articles, “Ad agency having explosive new business growth by leading with social media,” was the number 1 read article for 2009.

The Russo Group, a small ad agency (full time staff of 19) in Lafayette, Louisiana, is having explosive new business growth using and leading with social media. Instead of laying off they are hiring. 104% net profit over this time last year. New clients, all outside their market, located in California, Illinois, Iowa, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, Washington D.C.

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What is important to advertising agencies this year?

The advertising industry will see more change over the next five years than the previous fifty years.

Seth Godin invited more than 70 experts from various disciplines to share their views of the future in a single page for an eBook that he wanted to share electronically. What Matters Now, will inspire you to make some changes in 2010, and to keep focused on what matters.

“Now, more than ever, we need a different way of thinking, a useful way to focus and the energy to turn the game around.

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10 iPhone Apps for Ad Agency New Business

For your social media efforts to be effective for inbound lead generation, its important for you to stay connected. Apps make it easier to do so, even when you are at your busiest.

If you don’t have an iPhone I highly recommend them. I was a long time Blackberry loyalist but finally decided to make the switch. Its been worth it. The apps are a big part of the iPhones success. There are now over 200,000 and and its expected there will be over 300,000 iPhone apps before the end of 2010.… Continue reading

Comment on Other Blogs to Generate Ad Agency Traffic

For inbound new business leads, you must have traffic to your site. Commenting on other blogs is a way to generate traffic to your agency’s blog.

To be part of the conversation, increase awareness that will in turn generate traffic to your agency’s blog, it is to your advantage to read and  comment on other blogs. Below is just one example of how one of my blog comments has led to significant blog traffic and awareness to my site from comments I’ve made on other blogs.… Continue reading

Blog of the Month for November: Swedish Ad Agency’s Blog is Selected

For the first time, an ad agency outside of the US has been selected as Fuel Lines ad agency blog of the month.

The Duffy Agency, an independent, advertising agency located in MalmöSweden, the agency’s blog , Methodical Madness was selected as Fuel Lines’ Ad Agency Blog of the Month for November with 31% of 439 votes cast. Dana Communications blog, New York, NY, came in second with 17% of the votes.… Continue reading

10 Most Popular Blog Posts About Blogging for New Business

A blog is now as important to your agency as was your agency’s Website. The blog is becoming the “gate-way” and the face of the agency as its Website becomes more the agency’s brochure. Here’s some excellent resources to help your agency blog for new business. is the personal blog of Antti Kokkonen. He has assembled a great list of 42 most popular blog post about blogging in 2009. The posts on Antti’s list were picked from Digg, Delicious, Twitter and other social networks, based on the number of “votes” the posts have received in those services.… Continue reading