One of the Few Advertising Agency Presidents Walking the Walk in Social Media

Social media can fuel inbound lead generation. An agency blog should be the central component to your agency’s social media strategy for new business.

I thought you might like to hear directly from another agency principal, his journey in writing his agency’s blog and what he has learned along the way.

Park Howell, president of Park & CO, a mid-sized advertising agency in Phoenix, AZ, has just reached the milestone of writing his 200th blog post. There’s only a handful of agency principals that I know of that have achieved this.  They are the ones that are walking the walk when it comes to social media. Park is among the elite.

Check out Park’s blog, Park A Brighter Shade of Green Marketing. I think this is an excellent example of an agency blog done the right way. One that has focus and direction, that is personable and resourceful, not a platform to boast and brag about the agency’s credentials, accomplishments and awards. It is focused on the needs of its audience. Very well done and a plus for his agency’s new business.

If you know of others that are “walking the walk,” please share them in the comment section below.

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  1. Drew McLellan sent me this note that I wanted to share. Be sure to check out Drew’s blog. It’s ranked #82 in Ad Age’s Power 150.

    Bravo to Park! I just crossed my 1,000th blog post milestone and can attest to the value of the effort!



    Drew McLellan
    Top Dog
    McLellan Marketing Group
    Drew’s blog:

  2. While you’re counting…
    Welcome to Optimism 1,645 posts so far. I make no claims as to quality but at least on quantity I’m not doing too badly.

  3. Just received this email that I wanted to share …

    Hey Michael:
    I enjoy your steady stream of news and wanted to get on your radar as I am one of those small agency CEO’s who has been walking the walk for some time. I have authored well over 300 blog posts and 50+ articles for various pubs. I also tweet, link, plaxo and Facebook with the best of them. As a Renegade, I simply must. Our clients expect us to be on the forefront of the latest ways to cut through.

    Let me know what I can do for you.


    RENEGADE l DREW NEISSER l CEO l P 646.486.7702

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