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Ad Mavericks (514 votes), Lessing-Flynn Advertising,  one of the oldest advertising agencies in the country, located in Des Moines, IA, has been selected as Fuel Lines’ Ad Agency Blog of the month for October. Media Two Point {OH}!, Media Two Interactive, Raleigh, NC, was second in the voting with a very impressive 334 votes. Check out the voting results for the 45 agency blogs submitted: Twtpoll results.

In their own words, how they did it:

We direct messaged key people that we had an established Twitter relationship with. For the most part, these people had the following attributes:

1. Large Twitter following

2.Previous engagement with the AdMavericks – We tweeted back and forth or retweeted something the other had said.

3. People we’ve met at conferences, parties or networking events.

4. Are passionate about Des Moines business, Iowa business and the Midwest as a place of innovation and growth.

  • About 30 direct messages were sent in total asking for support.
  • At least 50 retweets (that I saw) appeared on Twitter
  • Over 600 people visited our blog on Monday – our 2nd busiest day all time.

“We can’t thank the Iowa Tweeps enough for the ridiculous support this week.”

Congrats to Ad Mavericks authors: Jess Held, Tom Flynn, Joshua Flemming, Bellana Putz and Spencer Anderson. Your agency’s blog will be featured on Fuel Lines through the month of November and also included in the voting for Fuel Lines’ Ad Agency Blog of the Year.

You will appreciate some of the fun jabs Ad Mavericks and Two Point {HO!} threw at one another during this campaign (be sure and watch the videos):

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  1. Congratulations to the group down in Iowa! Thanks for the fun banter this past week, we enjoyed it :).

  2. joshuafleming says:

    Mr. Hubbard, we couldn’t have picked a nice opponent. Good stuff! : )


  3. joshuafleming says:

    that’s “nicer” opponent! : )

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