Best Social Media Practices for Ad Agency New Business

social media best practices ad agency new business

How to make your The best ways to create new business opportunities through social media.

I’m often asked about Best Practices for Social Media for Ad Agency New Business, how to get started, time management, pricing social media for clients, etc. Below is a compilation of articles based upon my personal experiences with social media and assisting in creating a social media presence for advertising, digital, media and PR agencies. I hope they will be a help to you and your agency. Anything that I haven’t covered that you have questions about, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Four Things Your Ad Agency Should Know Before Jumping Into Social Media

I am a enthusiastic advocate of using social media to market your agency and generate new business leads. But … before your agency jumps in, there are four things you need to know to have success. Read more

How to Get Started Using Social Media for Ad Agency New Business

I’m often asked what is the very first step in developing a new business program for a small-to midsize ad agency? To have an efficient and effective new business program you must first … identify your agency’s point of difference and select a target audience. Read more

Four-step Approach to a Social Media Plan

POST is one of the most effective acronyms since the four P’s of marketing. It’s a four-step approach that helps marketers define a social media marketing plan for their business and/or clients. Read more

Socializing Your Ad Agency’s New Business Development

Discovering how to generate inbound leads and create an agency new business program through social media. Read more

Clear and Present Danger of Social Media for Ad Agencies

Currently the problem is not agencies and new business consultancies are all jumping into social media. The problem has been the lateness in their willingness to participate. When they do, they don’t understand how to use it. Read more

Social Media “Teaches” Ad Agencies to Promote Themselves the Right Way

I recommend using social media as a central component for your agency’s new business program. The primary reason is that it “teaches” small-to midsize agencies to do the things they should have been doing all along to acquire new business. Read more

Social Media 101 Explained by Fishing Analogy

Park Howell, president of Park&Co, a full service agency that specializes in environmental marketing, came up with a great way to illustrate the need for their prospective clients to participate in social media using this SlideShare presentation he and members of his agency created. Read more

The Best First Steps into Social Media for Ad Agency CEOs

If you are a advertising agency principal and just getting immersed in social media, try this two step approach that will accelerate your learning curve. Read more

A Social Media System For Ad Agencies To Get Up-to-Speed Quickly

An overview for an accelerated way for agencies to get their head around social media, build a credible presence in a short period of time (60 to 90 days) that also will provide professional enrichment and at the same time provide tools for branding, new business and networking. Read more

How Do I Keep Up with Social Media?

The first step … in order to keep up … is to have the right mindset. Social media only becomes a priority when you understand the multiplicity of benefits generated from it to you and your agency. Read more

A Guide for Ad Agencies: The Cost and Servicing of New Media

The two big questions that ad agencies are asking: “How do we price new media and what type of services should we offer?” Read more

SlideShare: Fueling Ad Agency New Business Through Social Media

This is a recent presentation that I gave, on how ad agencies can create a new business program through social media. Read more

Social Media Time Management Tips for Professional Enrichment

For success in agency new business, you must lead. To get to and maintain a position of leadership within this industry you need a consistent and strategic program for professional enrichment. Read more

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