Ad Agencies: 97 Articles on How To Write Effectively for the Social Web

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To convert content to new business leads you must learn to write effectively for the web.

There is a completely different writing style for web vs print. A lot of ad agency professionals have  difficulty with the transition from print to web.

I’ve found a number of helpful tips. For example: The use the inverted pyramid style of writing for my blog …

The most important information, the take-away or the benefit from your post should be in the first paragraph.

I’m always searching for additional resources that help me to become a better writer for web, whether it is for my blog, Twitter or other social media platforms. I recently came across a post written by  Robin Broitman, chief internet and social media strategist for Interactive Insights Group, IIG,  titled: HOW-TO: Write Effectively for Twitter & The Social Web. This post contains a collection of 97 articles that are a tremendous resource for your online writing. The articles are conveniently organized in the following 4 categories:

  • General Web and Social Media Writing Principles
  • Writing Strong Headlines and Titles
  • Writing for Twitter
  • Writing for Search Engines

Click Here for the links to Robin’s collection of “how to” articles for writing effectively for Web

An additional article of interest: How do users read on the Web? They don’t … they scan


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  1. I personally accept that I was not good into writing articles. Hope this one help me on how do it effectively. Thanks for sharing the links.

  2. Someone has already corrected “principles,” yes?

  3. They have now. Thanks Gary.

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