AdMan Remembers 9/11

advertising remembers 9-11

Where were you on 9/11? My Story Began With a Pitch

Eric Hyman,  an adman from New York, and serves as SVP, Business Development at JWT Communications, Entertainment and Technology Practice in their Atlanta office.  He was in New York for a new business presentation the day before the tragedy of 9-11. He share’s his perspective in an article written for his agency’s blog, titled, Where were you on 9/11? My Story Began With a Pitch:

“I often say, half seriously, advertising is a silly business. But I’m proud to be in it, and to have made it my life’s work. So I am forced to view the world through my own stilted marketing infused lens. Like it or not, this is the way I experienced 9/11. It began for me with what at the time seemed to be an important new business pitch; a meeting which in the grand scheme of things now is seemingly meaningless.

But not to me. My name is Eric Hyman. I blog and tweet as ericadman. I grew up in Manhattan and called the city home 9 years after graduating from college. I’ve been in Atlanta now for 17 years and love my adopted home. But I am still a New Yorker. It was 8 years and a few hours ago that the events we call 9/11 took place. But it still seems like yesterday. And my New York adman’s heart goes out to all who feel the same way.” Read more

2001, was before Homeland Security and TSA checkpoints.  Social media was in its infancy.  

When 9/11 occured, I was in my office at The Maryland Group, a full-service ad agency located in Nashville, TN. One of the staff members heard the news of the first plane striking the North Tower of the World Trade Center. We were able to tune in the only TV in our offices and all of the staff stopped working, we were all  watching live televised reports of the tragedy as it continued to unfold.

There was lots of misinformation being reported such as the the possible bombing of our own State Capital Building in Nashville. That day envoked personal feelings of disbelief, sadness, fear, anger and outrage. Those feelings are brought so keenly brought back to life every year on the date of September 11. Our nation pauses to remember and reflect on an event that rocked our innocense, grieved our hearts for those who died and the families they left behind. But it also rekindled our patriotism and our compassion for others. May we never forget.

Where were you on 9/11? What are your memories?

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  1. Thanks for the good words Fuel Lines; I was worried I might offend someone talking about this. Glad you seemed to think the opposite. I had intended to post this at exactly 8:46 on the anniversary but it ended up being a more complicated story to tell in a way that would not trivialize or offend. Missed my deadline, as usual, but I am glad I took the time to do it carefullly. Keep up the good work keeping new biz people on the ball. EH

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