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I enjoy hearing and reading new ideas for agency new business. I came across this event strategy that was featured in a recent Pittsburgh Business Times article,“Elisco Advertising brings the party to work, not work to the party.”

John Elisco, president of Elisco Advertising, wasn’t enthusiastic about attending industry type events. It was a major chore for he and agency leadership just to show up. Knowing his agency’s culture, he led them to create events of their own. They were so passionate about the idea they even relocated the agency to better implement their strategy. They found a facility that met three criteria. It had to have a storefront, a kitchen and outdoor seating. 

The name “Creative Cafe” went up on the front window and they started thinking up creative ways to bring clients to their new home office. They serve meals on-site for clients free of charge, often weekly and usually on Fridays. From cooking classes to wine tastings and other special events like their tattoo art show brought in variety of clients and prospects.

To publicize these events Elisco Advertising uses its Web site, direct mail and social media. Revenue has steadily increased since they implemented this strategy seven years ago and John states that 2009  is “on track to be one of our best years ever.”

If you have fresh examples of agency new business ideas, please share them in the comment section below.

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  1. Bloody brilliant! Throwing parties and events is a reat way to invite new business – a little on the pricey side though i’d have thought…

  2. Now, that’s what I’m talk’n about!

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