Social Media 101 Explained by Fishing Analogy

fishing for ad agency new business

Open the door for ad agency new business by leading discussions in social media.

“If the wharf is your business, and the pier is your website, then the fishing trawler is your blog. Think about it. You don’t want to catch every fish in the ocean. You want to hook the ones that make the best customers, and are after your bait. Your blog trolls the ocean gunnel-to-gunnel with millions of other virtual trawlers. But that’s okay, because your boat has a niched perspective, distinctive voice, and lures unique to your business. Plus, you know which fishing grounds produce your best catches, so that’s where you troll,” Park Howell.

Park Howell, president of Park&Co, a full service agency that specializes in environmental marketing, came up with a great way to illustrate the need for their clients to participate in social media using this SlideShare presentation he and members of his agency created.

Read Park’s entire post, “Social Media 101 Explained by the Best Fishing Analogy EVER” on  Park’s blog, Park A Brighter Side of Green Marketing.

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