8 SEO Writing Tips to Help Prospects Find Your Ad Agency

Positioning your agency to be found is an important component to generating new business.

I’ve previously shared a number of times that we are experiencing a new paradigm shift for how agency new business is acquired. It’s now even more important for prospects to be able to find your agency than it is to chase it. Creating an appealing online footprint, for your best prospects to be drawn to your agency and its services.

That makes SEO among vitally important as a new business component to your agency.

An element in SEO is optimizing copy for such things as your agency blog and online articles. If you want your content to be become a magnet for new business, it must be searchable. You need to understand what your target audience is interested in, what they are searching for and relate the content you offer to them.

Mequoda Daily, which offers consulting services for publishers on content marketing, published a sensible article with a checklist of eight SEO writing tips for search engine optimizing your agency’s blog post and or/online articles.

  1. Put primary keywords in the title.
  2. Don’t leave your meta title blank
  3. Put secondary keywords in the subhead
  4. Use your subhead as your meta description
  5. Include keywords in your URL
  6. Optimize your tags and meta keywords
  7. Only use keywords 10% of the time
  8. Use titles or keywords in every hyperlink
Use this simple list to optimize every new blog post or online article you write. Click on the following link to read the entire article by Amanda MacArthur, SEO Writing for Blogs and Online Articles .
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