75 Ad Agency New Business articles, posts, reports, surveys and white papers

75There is a growing roster of ad agency new business blogs that provide a platform for thought-leaders to exchange ideas, learn from each other and their audience. 

From these I have I’ve created a repository of 75 ad agency new business articles, posts, white papers, reports and surveys discovered as part of my daily reading:

  1. 10 steps to win more new business from first meetings
  2. From the first presentation to the final. Keep your Ad Agency in the game
  3. Where Do You Find Your New-Business Directors?
  4. RSW Study Reveals Most Internal Agency Business-Development Efforts Fail 
  5. What Ad Agencies Can learn From Proctor and Gamble’s Sales-Based Compensation Model.
  6. 4 steps to benefit from focused learning and strategic targeting during slowdowns
  7. The Small Agency Interactive Blues
  8. Turning Trade Shows into New Business Machines
  9. Client Procurement Depts. Ad Agency Friend or Foe?
  10. What’s the best place in the pitch order for an Ad Agency?
  11. Ad Agency New Business Skill: Role Practice Training for the Main Event
  12. New Business Skill: Identify What You Learned In Order to Improve
  13. Taking the First Step in Ad Agency Growth from Social Media
  14. The 3 C’s to Successful Pipeline Building
  15. Ad Agency New Business Metrics Funnel Drives Growth
  16. Do you buy or build your ad agency’s new business database?
  17. The Second Hardest Part About Prospecting
  18. Fear of the Cold Call. Rx for Ad Agencies
  19. Agency Pitch Addiction Claims More Victims
  20. Improving Ad Agency New Business Closing Ratio’s
  21. 5 Reasons why tasking account people with new business leads to disaster
  22. New Business Lead Generation: How to Handle Rejection
  23. The Changing Role of Ad Agency Rainmakers
  24. Ad Agency Data Reliability Resource
  25. Accelerated Organic Growth
  26. Potential New Ad Agency Client or Waste of Time….Which One Are They?
  27. When Growth Stalls For Ad Agencies
  28. THE Two Sources of Ad-Agency New Business
  29. The New Credentials Session: One Hour Closer to the Win
  30. Is Social Media Making Prospect Databases Irrelevant for New Business?
  31. Ad Agency Guide To Breaking In To New Categories
  32. Driving Inbound Ad Agency New Business Leads
  33. How Agencies Overcome the Economic Slowdown? Get Aggressive
  34. Why You’ll Lose Your Next Pitch 
  35. Excel Kills Ad Agency New Business
  36. Agencies Great at Marketing Others. Most Horrible at Marketing Themselves
  37. Keep Quiet, Ask Questions to Woo Prospects
  38. Gen Y, Shapeshifting, and What the Future May Hold for Ad Agency New Business
  39. The Importance of Agency Culture
  40. Why Outsource New Business?
  41. Total Immersion New Business
  42. Latest Mirren New Business Research Findings
  43. Sad But True: How One Ad Agency Completely Blew Their New Business Credentials Presentation
  44. The Dysfunctional Client and Ad Agency Relationship
  45. Distinguish Yourself From Your Ad Agency’s Competition to Drive New Business
  46. 25 Things About Pitching to Win
  47. Should Ad Agency Pitches and RFPs Be a Thing of the Past?
  48. Prospecting is a numbers game and knowing your numbers is the key to success
  49. Where the Spending Is: Pinpointing the Right Opportunities Now
  50. Ad Agency Survey Finds Traditional New Business Methods Aren’t Working
  51. How PJA Build a Three Year Winning Streak: The Good, the bad and the ugly
  52. Getting Prospects on the Phone When No One is Answering
  53. When Your Agency Loses, Don’t Try to Move on Too Soon
  54. Targeting and Converting Low Hanging Fruit
  55. Avoiding the Long Cold Winter
  56. Ad Agencies Need A Consistent PR Strategy for New Business
  57. Ad Agency New Business Plans: Make them real
  58. You’re in Show Biz Now: Lessons Learned From a Casting Director
  59. Is Your Ad Agency’s Story Newsworthy?
  60. Social Media Deception. Warning to Ad Agencies and Clients
  61. Edward Boches, CCO for the Mullen Agency: What Twitter Can Do For You
  62. Tweeting Your Way to New Prospects
  63. Improving Ad Agency New Business Closing Ratio’s
  64. A Plea to Ad Agencies: Give the cobbler’s children some new shoes
  65. Ad Agency Arrogance is Not a Winning Position
  66. To be successful, a good new business hunter needs to feel their boss’ confidence
  67. Twittering Away on Business Development
  68. Clients Site Creative as the Main Reason for the Ad Agency Review!
  69. Good News Bad News!….at any time 30% of clients are looking for a new Agency
  70. Unconventional Times Call for Unconventional New Business Methods
  71. Sometimes Even Ad Agency New Business Needs a Vacation
  72. Worst of RFI’s & RFP’s
  73. Best of RFI’s & RFP’s
  74. New Business Imperatives for 2009: Cleve Langton’s Top 10 “Do’s and Don’ts”
  75. Are You Differented… Or A Cliche?

These are some of my favorite sites for ad agency new business resources: 

You are invited to share your favorite agency new business resources in the comment section below.




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