Ad Agencies Need A Consistent PR Strategy for New Business

One of the most effective forms of communications for ad agencies is a public relations strategy. The right PR strategy can properly position your agency in the minds of your prospective audience.

Don Beehler, writes a blog specifically for small-to mid-size ad agencies, Telling Your Agency’s Story, tips on how to use PR for ad agency new business. He recently wrote an article regarding the need for a consistent PR effort. 

don beehler's blog

Don writes,

“Sporadic PR is a lot like sporadic exercise – it’s better than none at all, but not nearly as effective as when there’s a consistent effort.  And, as is the case with having a disciplined exercise program, the results are noticeable.

One of the most galling things for agency principals is to watch from the sidelines as competitors are quoted and featured in the news media. Even worse, agencies that were not part of the story often have more experience and expertise than the agency that got the exposure.

Of course, the impression people get is that the folks quoted are the cream of the crop in their profession, which may or may not be true.  But you can be sure it’s no accident that some agencies get more ink and air time than others.  It’s because they have an intentional, ongoing effort to get their names in the marketplace, and they have made PR a priority.”

BOHAN Advertising|Marketing, Nashville, TN,  receives consistent press coverage because they outsource their agency’s self promotional PR efforts. They do this even though they have respected internal PR capabilities led by vice president, director of communications, Tom Adkinson.

John Sharpe, agency partner and CMO realized some time ago that when their agency gets busy, the first thing that usually is neglected is their own promotional effort.

Outsourcing PR allows the BOHAN  agency to maintain consistent press that positions them as one of the hottest ad agencies in town.

Not only is the agency constantly in the press, their CEO, David Bohan, has a column,‘Marketing Matters,’ that appears twice a month in the business section of the state paper, The Tennessean. Speaking opportunities for agency president Kerry Graham and chief planning officer, Jamie Dunham, are secured for additional opportunities to be in front of their prospective audiences in a position of expertise.

Public Relations is one of the best returns on investment your agency can make. You wont be able to buy the kind of advertising a good PR firm can generate on your agency’s behalf.

Some additional PR articles of interest for ad agency new business from Don’s blog, “Telling Your Agency’s Story”:



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  1. Just a quick note to say terrific blog. You provide substantial, actionable advice for small and medium-size firms.

    – Jocelyn

  2. Jocelyn, thank you for the kind words. It makes the effort worth it.

  3. This is great info, Michael. I’m curious what sort of annual PR budget you (and your readers) think would be appropriate for a firm of < 20 people?

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