3 Ad Agency New Business Blogs That Provide Fresh Perspectives

There are several blogs that will be of help to your agencies new business efforts that I want to introduce. Each of these blog authors has a great amount of experience working with advertising agencies of all sizes for new business and each of them also has a unique perspective. I highly recommend that you include them in your online reading as resources for your agency’s new business.

clive maclean

Clive Maclean’s Blog, Resources to Grow a Profitable Agency

“Driving profitable growth within an agency requires much more than just new business! Most agency principals tend to rely on new business development as the key driver to profitable growth within their agency. All their aspirations, dreams, energy and resources are focused in this area while not realizing that new business development is in fact only one pillar of the five pillar strategy required to be successful.” Clive Maclean, Clive Maclean Consulting

new business dingo 

The New Business Dingo, Ad Agency Growth Through Proactive New Business

Unless you’re consistently implementing new business campaigns to drive new revenue in-line with organizational objectives, (be that through social media or traditional DM strategy), it’s highly likely that you’ll fall short this year.” Dave Currie, President of Catapult New Business

New Business Intel

New Business Intel, Driving Ad Agency New Business

“New Business Intel provides a way for me to share my experience and help advertising agencies, media companies and other marketing solutions companies drive business growth by developing the right ongoing sales processes.

I’m convinced that a blog makes me a better communicator, helps me to stay ahead of trends, and provides leadership to our clients.”  Todd Knutson, CEO of The List


I’ve the good fortune to know each of these authors personally and count them as friends and colleagues. They are all passionate about agency new business. I hope you find them as refreshing as I have regarding their unique perspectives for agency new business.



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