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Recently I conducted my  Fuel Lines: 2009 Reader Survey. A special thanks to all who took time to participate and provide their feedback and insight. This information has already been a big help.  A new design for Fuel Lines is already underway as well as a review of  current features and needed updates for better communications, resources and tools for ad agency new business.

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These are actually responses to an open question, “How can I make my blog better” that I thought you may enjoy scanning through:

  • I don’t know. Content-rich, I don’t have enough time to assimilate all of it, but appreciate it greatly.
  • i like it the way it is…
  • You post too many repeats on Twitter. I see tweets about the same blog posts go by dozens of times. I start tuning it out and then miss it when you post something new
  • more vision as to where this is all headed
  • New feature – best tweet of the day or worst tweet of the day
  • More social media wins such as hearing the podcast w/ Jaci Russo
  • FYI, I generally skim your emails and read more if something pertains to my needs/interests. But it’s spotty and not regular. I just get too much good email and don’t have enough discretionary reading time.
  • Try to stay objective…provide perceived pros and cons of social media. Too much slant toward SM as the new savior can sound like you are selling vs. advising. Good stuff!
  • I think it’s terrific. Can’t recommend any changes
  • New design
  • I am sure it can always be better – but I already value what you offer. Your blog has been very helpful in helping to support my small agency efforts.
  • Love the blog voting. Would love to see more success stories that support strategic advice. Continue to educate on how social media can help agencies move the needle for new business
  • keep writing it
  • More streams of input on a subject – more Gestalt
  • I think its great as is
  • Stop repeating the same stories
  • more links to outside resources
  • I was unable to choose more than one option in the question above. I actually read most of your offerings and find all applicable and useful tools. I would like to see more information regarding using FB and TWitter and Linkedin as a New business tool. As a company we have profiles but are uncertain as to how to ask viewers to subscribe to our blog. I am uncertain how to attach myself to my firms profile etc…
  • I enjoy your blog very much and do not have suggestions for improvement
  • You could include something about renewable energy sources, like sun or wind energy… you know.. this sort of thing… maybe eletric cars..
  • Talk more about Social Responsible Brands. Who are they? where are they? why are they responsible? etc
  • Keep doing it
  • Just keep up the good work
  • I think an overall greater variety. It seems that topics get recycled and show up again. Also more client results from social media. It seems like we are an industry of practitioners without too many of us getting paid for social media campaigns
  • Keep doing what your doing
  • I get emails from you and occasionally visit your site from there. Is that what you’re talking about?
  • Keep writing even more
  • Keep it coming! It’s awesome!
  • It’s terrific already
  • More content for B2B new business – how social media can be leverage for complex technologies being sold to businesses
  • don’t know. i’ve never read it
  • I love the BLOG and I love following you on twitter. The challenge I have is that I am new to the blog and it feel difficult to just jump in since there is so much to review. What would be great for newbies is if there was some type of orientation section on how to best navigate. Or perhaps a “if you only have time to read 10 things on here, read these”. I tend to just feel behind and I am sure once I have a few hours to really play on the site it will seem much more manageable, but that is my current state. Keep up the good work
  • I like it now
  • The layout could be improved to make the posts look easier to read, even though they’re long
  • keep doing what you are doing…it’s all informative. Meaning you won’t be able to please all
  • I am so illiterate about computers that it amazes me to see what you do… (this one actually came from my mother!)
  • Just keep up the great work. Very insightful
  • It’s very jammed packed with information. Very good. Maybe bigger agency case histories on what worked for a social media campaign
  • I am impressed with the practical advice. I have passed it on to the President of our agency. I am the CEO but much of the social media is new to me
  • It’s one of the few that I even look at – maybe differentiate articles more issue to issue – not just Social Media helps agencies get new biz – every month 
  • think it is pretty good and you have aPOV that is clear and sensible. Just a question of time management to stay current
  • I would be interested to hear from other agencies how they go about their new business e.g. Russo Group. More examples and thoughts on initial contact with potential clients and means of standing out from the crowd
  • Think your blog is already very helpful and informative. Better? Maybe diversify your topics a bit. Not much
  • Put pics of hot women on it (via scott@nelsoncreative)
  • Seems to do a pretty good job. Would love more factual info on ups and downs within industry, and including the larger shops
  • not sure about your blog, but your twitter outreach and e-newsletter a little aggressive. i prefer to hear from people via email 1x per week and no more than 3-5x per day on twitter. anything more is a little obnoxious in my opinion. i subscribe to several sources that i read regularly so when everyone is pushing out material multiple times per week it tends to just get lost
  • I think it’s one of the best new business blogs out there. Keep up the good work!
  • you’re doing a great job right now!
  • I do like the interviews you’ve done with agencies. They are often very informative
  • I like your stuff and you have a lot to offer. But I think you tend to go a little overboard on social media. It is a tactic, and not the be-all and end-all. We are still pitching and winning (and losing) good ole’ fashioned accounts. Not denying or ignoring the impact of Twitter, Facebook, etc., and we are making social media a priority in our agency but clients are still advertising on TV and in print and doing PR campaigns, etc. Thanks for asking and being open to input. Best wishes…

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