Ad agencies should rise to the challenges of this new social media era


The cost of your education is going to be great but if you don’t invest in your education now it will be costlier later.

Brian Solis, Principal of FutureWork, an award winning PR and New Media agency is one of those emerging new leaders. Encouraging his industry to arise to the challenges of this new era. Brian recently wrote,

“Media is experiencing a textbook Darwinian definition of survival of the fittest … Media will re-emerge as a more dynamic, nimble, and innovative medium.

In the era of Socialized Media, relationships are the new currency and participation and collaboration are emerging as the new information exchange.

Mainstay brands will persevere, but the cost of their education to learn how to compete for the future will be great. Some will wait until it’s too late only to awaken to a daunting challenge of creating and earning presence and relevance in a new economy.

Times are definitely changing and the mood of a large number of small and midsize agencies is somberness instead of an excitement for this new media revolution. They haven’t kept up with the changes and find themselves behind in by a lack of knowledge of social media and how to use it correctly for themselves and for their clients.

My encouragement is to get involved now. Experience it for yourself to know the many great opportunities it provides. Learn the use of new media to engage your prospective client community. It takes time and effort to have a working understanding of this new technology, but you will be amazed at how quickly it will provide benefits to your agency and allow you to utilize these new tools for your clients. Experience truly is the best teacher.


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  1. joshuafleming says:

    The “somberness” attitude you talk about is spot on with a lot of the agencies I come across. Agencies have a bigger influence on client direction than they realize. Because of this, their inability to embrace the change is slowing down the entire social movement and could lead to their ultimate demise.

    What most agencies need to realize is that social media is not a stand-alone media. It enhances or supports traditional media and public relations efforts like never before. Once agencies figure out how to merge social media into the traditional game, look out!

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