Six Ways Ad Agencies Are Gaining New Business

six ways ad agencies are gaining new business

Examples for how agencies are obtaining new business tends to generate a lot of interest during the recession. 

We’ve watched the disappearance of 15% media commissions and dramatic shifts in marketing budgets to digital as well as the rapid rise in popularity of social media. But now is not the time to bury your head in the sand or rest on your laurels. There are agencies that are having new business success despite the recession.

Rupal Parekh, in an Ad Age article, provides some great examples of the ways agencies are generating new business.

  1. Network Innovatively: Via Group, Portland, Maine, “Once a month, founder-CEO John Coleman organizes a get-together of eight to 10 marketing executives to discuss topics such as “technology’s role on the evolution of society and culture.”
  2. Show Your Social Media Savvy, Steve Rubel, senior VP-director of insights for Edelman Digital. His blog has been cited as a must-read by the likes of The Wall Street Journal and Forbes, and he is followed by more than 17,000 people on Twitter … the agency wins with talent that is active in consumer conversations.
  3. Adopt A Recognizable Platform (positioning): Publicis Groupe’s “Contagious Ideas,” which rolled out across the globe a year ago and quickly gained momentum. Existing clients have embraced it and entrusted the company with additional business, and it has attracted new clients across the network.
  4. Be Willing To Contort (flexibility): Riot, an Omnicom agency unity, a new agency model is what helped it beat out a host of contenders to win the Adidas assignment.
  5. Write A Book: Mitchell Levy, CEO and author at Happy About, says books are the new calling card.
  6. Offer A Direct Line To The CEO: Jordan Zimmerman, agency CEO, he is not only accessible to clients 24 hours a day, he’s checking in with them on a daily basis. It’s no coincidence that the shop in the past two years has grown its operation by leaps and bounds, winning an astounding 85% of pitches.

Click on the following link to read Rupal’s entire article: Six Ways Ad Agencies Are Reeling in New Business Now

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