30 Ad Agency Blogs, Vote for Your Favorite for March


It’s time for you to vote for your favorite agency blog for the month of March. 30 ad agency blogs have been submitted to FUEL LINES. The winner will be featured on FUEL LINES throughout the month of April.

These are the 30 agency blogs submitted for the month of March:

A Ride Uptown, Mascola/Group, New Haven, CT

B&A blog, Columbus, OH

BINGenuity, Bing Design, Yellow Springs, OH

Blip, Martino Flynn agency, Rochester, NY

Blue Collar Branding, Locomotion Creative, Nashville, TN

Bolin Digital Blog, Bolin Marketing, Minneapolis, MN

Brains on Fire Blog, Greenville, SC

Brunner Digital Blog, Brunner Digital, Pittsburg, PA 

Contact Media Blog, Contact Media, Tampa, FL

Creating A Brighter Shade of Green Marketing, Park&Co Phoenix, AZ

Cure for Common Marketing, Jackson-Dawson Marketing Solutions, Greenville, SC

Demi & Cooper Advertising blog, Elgin, IL

Design Buzz, Design Matters Creative Group, Lake Forest, CA

Direct Dispatch, Haggin Marketing, Mill Valley, CA

Fluid Studio’s Big Idea Blog, Bountiful, UT

Free Advertising Candy, EVOK Advertising, Lake Mary, FL

Healthy Conversations, Trajectory, Morristown, NJ

Karasma Media blog, Harlem, NY

Koroberi agency blog, Chapel Hill, NC

ID-ology blog, ID Branding, Portland, OR

MLT Creative blog, Atlanta, GA

Paramore | Redd blog, Nashville, TN

Razor Branding, The Russo Group, Lafayette, LA

Redpepper blog, Nashville, TN

Take Me To Your Leader, Sapient agency, Miami, FL

She-conomy, Holland + Holland, Birmingham, AL

SPURspectives, Spur Communications, Overland Park, KS

Stream of Consciousness, True Creek agency, Alexandria, VA

VBP Out Sourcing, Glen Burnie, MD

WOMENK!ND , Womenkind agency, New York, NY


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Michael Gass, agency new business consultant, primarily to small and mid-size advertising agencies, utilizing both traditional and new media tools.

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About Michael Gass

Michael Gass is a Business Development Consultant to Advertising, Digital, Media and PR Agencies | Speaker | Author of Fuel Lines


  1. Mohan Kumar says:

    This is good

  2. Thanks for doing this Michael. Great idea. I must tip my hat to the folks at “Take Me To Your Leader”. However they got those votes, isn’t that what Social media is all about? I used the “competition” as a way to interact with clients and those I follow and followers on Twitter, many of which may not have known MLT Creative had a blog otherwise. Hey, I like to win. Whay can I say?

  3. Thanks Billy. The Ad Agency Blog of the Month has been intended to discover and highlight more agency blogs, What has also evolved from this are agencies that have learned how to generate traffic to their blogs and that becomes evident in the voting.

  4. I know our results will show a lift. We’ve already received a lot of great messages from clients. Thanks!
    I’ll admit it looks bleak for MLT Creative, but before we give up…

    “Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?!?”

  5. The Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? I thought it was the Japanese! :)

    Thanks for all the votes for TMTYL!