Ad Agencies Should Use a Database Service for New Business

The List for Ad Agency New Business

A number of ad agencies that I talk with attempt to maintain their own database of prospects. For a short list that is doable but if your list is large it is impossible to maintain unless you have someone totally dedicated to keeping it updated on a regular basis.

I recommend using a database service company. Most charge an annual fee to subscribe but the cost is usually worth the price because of the internal time saved along with updated information on thousands of companies, agencies and businesses.

A database service can provide detailed prospecting data on public, private companies and advertising agencies. Many will provide features such as:

  • Company profiles
  • Executive contact information that often contains direct lines and even email addresses
  • Company products and services
  • Competitor information
  • A break down of their advertising spend
  • Ad agency of record
  • Information regarding your own agency’s competitors
  • Ability to assemble customized, filtered prospect lists that are downloadable

In the past I’ve used services such as Hoovers, Redbooks and The List.

My recommendation is The List, the service that I currently use and the service I recommend for my clients. It provided the “seed list” of email addresses for the FUEL LINES email newsletter. If I need information on a company not in their data base, I can make a request and The List will research and get the data for me.

The way to determine if The List is right for you, start a complimentary trial for full access to Marketing Directors and Marketing contacts for comapanies throughout the US and Canada.

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