A Twitter Business Model Contest is Won by an Ad Agency

I recently had a discussion with the CEO of a 59 year old ad agency in New York who said, “I know how to generate income from a $35,000 print ad but how do I generate revenue from social media?” That is the big question that all small-to mid-size ad agencies are facing.

If you have been a follower of Twitter you know that even though the service has exploded with growth, they do not have a business model to generate income. Silcon Alley Insider, new business site that covers the technology, media, and communications industries, decided to Create Twitter’s Revenue Model Contest and just recently named a winner.  

I’m glad to share with you that it was an ad agency, the Denuo Group.  They are a boutique non-traditional ad agency serving clients such as AstraZeneca, Hewlett-Packard, Procter & Gamble, and General Motors.

You can view their winning solution through this link:  Denuo Group’s Twitter Business Model Presentation 

I’ve also included links to 11 Business Plans For Twitter that Alley Insider identified as some of the contest’s best:

It is good to see initial thoughts to tools such as Twitter, Facebook and other social media tools, just how the can become viable and profitable businesses and the evolving business model that will be needed for ad agencies.

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  1. Good insight to business models. We are working on social media packages currently for some of our large and small to mid-size companies and it’s good to get a take on how others are trying to monetize their efforts to assist corporations that are hesitant to ease their ways into new media.

  2. Thanks for taking the time to comment Joe.

  3. Michael,

    I left a comment on this over at Social Media Today – don’t know if you are following those – but to repeat it here:

    Nice idea from Denuo – but one with no long term future. Once brands understand that social media is not just another route they can use or buy to reach consumers, but a channel consumers will use to reach them, they will recognise that they don’t need to pay to receive feedback. Simply being part of the conversation will yield sufficient benefits and the only investment required is the necessary people to listen and respond.

  4. Thanks for expressing your point of view Richard.

  5. Can’t companies set up a Facebook page, promote it through Twitter, and solicit customer feedback from there? The created business model was nothing different than what market research programs do. Companies can pay for a program license and get the same answers. To get more honest feedback, companies can conduct a Twitter search of their company/product name to see honest feedback. Not really a good business model for monetizing Twitter.

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