Is Your Ad Agency Prepared for the Magnitude of Digital Growth?

My friend Stephanie Holland, president of Holland + Holland advertising, shared the following video with me today. She was correct, it is incredibly eye opening. I immediately had to post it.

If you thought the Advertising world was being impacted by social media, you  haven’t seen anything yet.  This is a must-watch powerful video on the magnitude of digital and predictions for its growth. Our world is changing, is your agency digitally prepared?

Watch the video:  “Did You Know? 3.0” below:


“3.0 for 2008 – Newly Revised Edition Created by Karl Fisch, and modified by Scott McLeod; Globalization & The Information Age. Adapted by Sony BMG at an executive meeting they held in Rome this year. Credits are also given to Scott McLeod, Jeff Brenman.”

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  1. This is really interesting. Thanks for sharing it. I will us this video on my agnecy blog, too.

  2. You are welcome. It is certainly is an eye opener.

  3. I want to share this article with my newsgroup subscribers using google bookmarks.

  4. Hey Michael – video has vanished…

    Interested to see it.


  5. Thanks for the heads-up Gray. I’ve reattached it.


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